A girl has to eat

Your assignment: tell me where I should eat in New York. Click on comments and type it up! Or email me!



  1. Cookshop. Good tables by the windows for people watching. Terrific cocktails. Nice waitstaff. Really fresh, interesting food but not too fancy.

  2. There is a restaurant called The Meatball Shop somewhere in the lower east side(I think from what I can remember). It's may be busy and crowded but definitely worth it. Whatever you decide to eat, make sure you leave room for dessert – they have killer ice cream sandwiches.If you happen to make a stop in Brooklyn, try out a great Mexican restaurant called Tacos Metamoros.

  3. Oh, so many!* Blue Ribbon Sushi in Park Slope, Brooklyn.* The Chocolate Room in Park Slope, Brooklyn.* Quantum Leap in the West Village.* Joe's Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Chinatown.* Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in Chinatown (duh)Yum, enjoy!

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