Like a Record Baby

Sheet, it’s already Wednesday. Keep meaning to post, but the world keeps spinning and me along with it.

On the up side, I think spring is finally coming out from behind the clouds. A little. Maybe. Sometimes.

Other awesome stuff in my world lately:

1. Biogirl threw a birthday party for herself wherein we played Celebrity. During the charades round, she busted out a Michael Jackson imitation that included a “whoo!” that could not be contained escaping from her lips. And really, who can blame her? What is MJ without his whoo?

2. Nordic Boy did a coy rendition of Marilyn Monroe during the charades round as well. Holding his imaginary skirt down, batting his eyes, making a Marilyn mouth, the whole bit. It held about 5% of the silliness that he can muster up, but still, it blew the partygoers away. I love seeing how people who don’t know him well react to how much of a clown he really is- I enjoy their reaction so much more than his actual clownishness. When you first get to know him you would so never guess it, with that serious face of his, so people get such a kick out of it when he is funny all of a sudden. It seems out of nowhere. I want to say dudes, you have no idea.

3. A story was told about how, in a fit of road rage, our friend Rob yelled out the nonsensical but hilarious phrase “Jesus Tits!” at someone in another car. Need I say that this is a new favorite for us?

4. Spent an evening with some library coworker friends and no one talked about work, not ONCE. It was a sweet, sweet miracle.

5. Got a Sunday morning serenade from Nordic Boy. It was a full voice (loud ass) rendition of “You Spin Me Right Round.” With dancing. It was quite a sight.
6. Spent a sunny Saturday literally tiptoeing through the tulips in Skagit Valley. It spun me right round baby right round.

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