I have an earworm today, and it’s driving me ker-azy.

As you know, I have a good memory when it comes to my childhood. Actually, a great memory, if I do say so myself. I hardly ever have times when I can’t remember something that happened to me. But yesterday I did, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Last night, Nordic Boy was going to have ice cream for dessert. I was freezing my nuts off so I declined to join. I was rifling through the fridge, looking for a snack, when I came across a lone cinammon roll in the freezer. It was one of my mom’s famous cinnamon rolls that I had been saving, like gold, because that’s what it is. I looked at it, and thought about heating and eating, but I held out. I need it to last as long as possible.

Seeing that cinammon roll though? Triggered something weird in my memory. Because I said to Nordic Boy the following phrase:

“Oocha ate a seen-ah-meen roll! Ha- haaaa!”

I said it like it was a taunt. Like a little kid tease. In the same sing-song way that a kid might sing to another kid. Like Nelson from The Simpsons.

Nordic Boy: What did you say?
Me: Oocha ate a cinnamon roll, ha- haaa!”
Nordic Boy: What is that, a song?
Me: No.
Nordic Boy: Who is Oocha?
Me: This kid who used to play soccer with my brother when we were little. We called him Oocha.
Nordic Boy: Why?
Me: I have no idea. That wasn’t his name. We just made it up?
Nordic Boy: And you’d tease him about eating a cinnamon roll?
Me: Totally. We would chant it. It was nice teasing, he would laugh. But whenever he would walk by we would sing that.
Nordic Boy: Well, yeah, it was nice teasing. It doesn’t make sense. How is eating a cinnamon roll a taunt? That’s the least lethal teasing I have ever heard.
Me: I don’t know what it means. But we sang it constantly.
Nordic Boy: And I really want to know where the hell you got Oocha from.
Me: Me too!

Why did we call that kid Oocha? And why the weird song? OMG THIS IS KILLING ME.

It’s all I can think, over and over, in the back of my mind. Oocha ate a cinnamon roll, ha-haaa!

That’s what I am thinking today. That is all.


  1. Similarly, there was a kid in my school who frequently anc chererfully sang a little ditty to our schoolmate Holbert every time he saw him, and it went "Hol-BERT…your brother loves chips" with in a kind of charming off-key reverse descant. I never understood, but I never forgot it. I feel your pain, is what I'm saying.

  2. Hello stranger (literally, since I don't know you, and don't know how I ended up with your blog in my reader, but I enjoy it, so there it shall stay). Did you ever memorize the pop compilations advertised on TV? I think I can still remember the entire 1-minute spot for many of them from the early 80s. In fact, I always think that "Hit me with your best shot" should be followed immediately by "I think I missed again, uh-huh"

  3. Wow, memory whiplash! Those K-Tel and Ronco record compilations were deadly earworms! For years I had one of them running through my head in toto! "…wonder wonder, I wanna know who (who!) who wrote the book of love…well this cat's name is a-Alley Oop!…a thousand stars in the sky…keep away from a-runaround Sue a hey hey! "

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