Consumables #38

You know how, when you go swimming in a cold lake or ocean for a while, and then you get out of the water and sit in the sun and that super pleasant feeling of warming up and drying out happens? There is a moment when every Seattle-ite feels that very thing, amplified. After months of rain, mist, sprinkles, storms, gray, wind, and just WET, a day will come along (or, let’s face it, maybe just part of a day) where it is warm, with clear skies and sunshine, and there are mountains everywhere you look, and the water is a deep steely blue, and the buildings looked scrubbed and glisteny, and you realize just how SOAKED you have been for so long. So so long. I remember growing up in the Midwest when that spring feeling would finally come after being in a deep freeze for months on end. It’s similar to that feeling, but different. The Seattle spring feeling is more about moisture and sun. In a Midwest winter, you are much colder, it’s true, but you still have cold sunny days sometimes. And snowy days can feel super dry. Out here, we are soggy and sun-deprived. And then, all of a sudden, we’re not. And it feels delightful.

That was the feeling I had this morning. Walking down the street on my way to work, everything just looked gorg-wah to me. The sky, the water, the shiny building where I work. And that made me think about my awesome co-workers, who really do amazing things every single day for the people of my city no matter who those people are, and the art I get to see, well everywhere I look, really, and my beloved loved ones who make me laugh so much each day, and my Nordic Boy who kicks ass, and … birds in the sky you know how I feel…

I am totally getting UNSOGGIFIED, people. And yes, I know it’s probably annoying. And it will rain again in about 5 minutes. La la la. Whatevs.

Consuming lately? Ah yes, that.

I finished watching all of The Wire again. I think we should have a therapy session about who broke your heart the most in that show. For me, it was Dukie. Seeing it a second time, he still tore my shit up. Who was it for you? There are so many to choose from.

On the brighter side, while I was watching it all again, there was just something so familiar to me about Prez. What else has he been in? Where have I seen him before? Finally, I looked him up on good old IMDB. You guys, guess what? I KNEW THAT GUY. Like, I knew him in real life. It was a long time ago, in the early 90s when we were both little bitty fresh-faced youngsters, but he dated a friend of mine. That frigging BLEW MY MIND. This is what happens when you were an arty/theater nerd. Every once in a while, you see someone like that, and it never ceases to be banana-nut-cheerios. Look at that! He’s Prez! Shut up!

The Killing
Sometimes when things are set in cities that I know well, I can get distracted by location shots and trying to figure out if they are actually on location in the city that they say they are in, and if so, where are they exactly? Since this show takes place in Seattle, but is shot in Vancouver, it bugs me. THAT AIN’T SEATTLE! I want to say, when basically I just need to get over it. Oh, yeah, and also, the show is pretty good. If that’s what you want to know.

Party Down

Parks and Recreation
I think I am Leslie Knope in some ways, you guys. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I am.

Fucked up underground Wizard of Oz story. There were things about it I loved (come on, you just have to love Neil Gaiman, it’s like, a librarian law or something), and a few things about it I didn’t. The good news is that the things I didn’t love, I still felt engaged with. Like, I wanted to argue those things with someone. I hate not caring about what I’m reading, and that wasn’t the case here.

Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks
I got to hang a bit with E. Lockhart last week because she was doing an event at my library. It reminded me how much this book rocked it. Plus, she’s a nice lady. Nothing worse than meeting an author that you admire and finding them to be unbearable.

I have kind of been only listening to Robyn this week. I don’t know what that says about my mood, but I am on an all-Robyn diet of some sort.

Hope you’re having a great week!


  1. If I was the type of person to "squee" I would be all over squeeing about you and E. Lockhart hanging because, damn! I loved that book too – so, so excellent. Good to hear she's cool too, always a nice touch

  2. i feel that way when they try to pretend Canada is Chicago. good thing our mayor is making it easier for film/tvmakers to actually shoot here. also, Party Down, RIP.

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