Bag it up

One time a while ago, we were slated to go on a vacation. I needed that vacation, bad. As I was getting ready to pack, I ran through my house and screamed a happy scream that went like this: “Where is mah sooot-case?” I had my phone in my hand, and somehow I had pressed the voice memo button, which recorded this sentence. I saved that voice memo, and ever since then, whenever I have had just about enough, I press that voice memo button to signal that fact. It’s sort of my version of “Calgon take me away.”

Last year, my job necessitated that I drive from location to location. Oftentimes I didn’t know where I was going to end up that day. This meant that I had to carry lots of stuff with me. Files, lunch, water bottle, maybe a binder or two. So for this reason I had to buy a Gigantic Bag of Doom. I know that big bags are all the rage these days, but I am going to level with you. Most of them, design-wise, look bad to me. All the slouchiness looks like everyone is carrying around crumpled up hefty bags. And the overabundance of hardware on these puppies! Buckles, snaps, chains! Looks like Mr. T got a hold of your hefty bag and went to town on it with a bedazzler or something. But that’s just me. I looked and looked for a nice bag that could accomodate as much as a small suitcase, and it took me a long time. As you might remember, I will not buy something that I cannot abide looking at. It took me three years to buy a winter coat that I found acceptable, people. I wanted to buy a pencil cup for my office desk and never have found one that I like enough, in all my years on this earth. I am straight up weird about stuff like this. Anyway, I ended up finding a bag. It looks like this:

Now, I only have one work location. This means that I go to work with my lunch and a book to read on the bus and that’s about it. I do not need my fancied up suitcase. That thing can take up a whole extra seat on public transportation, it’s so big. All of this is to say that I need to downsize my bag. What say you internets? Suggest me a bag peddler! I need something cute (obv), and I like something with compartments. Also, I like it to be made with recycled material and non-leather, because I am a damn hippie.

Internet friends, I ask you: Where is mah (moderately sized) sooot-case? Etsy shop? Favorite store? Internet site? Give it to me. I promise this won’t be like the pencil cup thing.


  1. I carried around a bright pink Harper bag from Shiraleah for about two years. We're on a break right now while I flirt with a black (with hot pink lining) bag for winter, but I'm sure I'll bust out the pink Harper again in the spring. of other cute sizes & shapes too! Harper is big enough for a hardcover book and a couple magazines in addition to wallet, planner, phone, etc. Love!

  2. I like this post a lot. How it comes back around to your original phrase, even though I thought we were done with that early on. I think they call that the "button" in show-biz, no? That moment in Seinfeld episodes at the very end when, for example, George holds up the golf ball. Thanks for the good read.

  3. I finally gave in and went up a size (or three in bags). When I needed to find the one, I went to Marshalls and brought everything I needed to carry, and spent a loooong time (lucky Josh) trying to fit everything in various bags until I found one that didn't look like it was stuffed too full and about to burst. That is my very long winded way of suggesting Marshalls. Though, your hippie heart might be looking for something local, and in that case, I can be of no help.

  4. Steph just bought the BEST BAG at TJ. It's bright orange and so very pretty. However, it's really big, has no compartments and is leather. So, basically nevermind.

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