Consumables #37

It’s gotta be short and sweet this time!

Into the Storm
First Wormtail plays Winston Churchill in The King’s Speech, and here we have Mad Eye Moody giving us his Winston C. I think we should just rotate all Harry Potter actors into World War II movies. How about Barty Crouch as Hitler? Or Nearly Headless Nick would make a great Neville Chamberlain. Give Dumbledore a shave and he could be FDR. Give Hagrid a partial shave and he could be Stalin. And Voldemort could totally be Mussolini, obv. Wow, this whole list is freaking me out a little.

The Bachelor
Not only did vampire lady leave, but it was especially disappointing because it was the episode where she got serious. And you know what she does when she gets serious? She pops her vampire teeth out of her mouth and puts them on the coffee table before the serious talking can begin! Dangit I wish she would have stayed.

Ciy of Ember, by Jeanne Duprau
I know it’s been said so many times these days but dang, children and teen books that are being published these days are so freaking good. I remember when I was a kid and trying to make it through the day by reading We Interrupt This Semester For An Important Bulletin and shit like that.
I See You Everywhere, by Julia Glass
I am not a person who needs characters to be likeable in order to enjoy the story, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I did not like the characters and so I did not like the story because of them. So there you go.

Parks and Rec and Community
Just, yay for both of these. Amy Poehler, you so want to be friends with me, I just know it. I love you in a way that is not at all creepy.

That’s all, ya’ll. Top o’ the weekend to ya.

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