January Odds and Ends

Where the hell is January, you guys? I have been in some sort of Rip Van Winkle situation where the whole month has passed me by, except I haven’t been asleep. So I guess that’s not like Rip Van Winkle at all, since that was his whole deal, right? He slept? That’s one thing I don’t do very well, so I suppose Rip and I do not overlap. So just, never mind.

Yeah, that paragraph says one thing and it’s something like: get that girl a nap, stat.

Ever since Ye Grande 2011 has begun, I have been behind in all aspects of non-work life. I still have New Year cards to friends waiting to mailed in my purse. I need to go to the eye doctor, and the dentist, and get my hairs cutted. Plus, I am feeling all out of touch because I am so behind on reading your blogs, so I hope everyone is ok out there, and that I haven’t missed anything earthshattering. Unless it was really great, of course. Far be it from me to stop you from winning the lottery or something just because I wasn’t there to blog comment.

2011 is treating me pretty dang good so far though. I rang in the New Year by going to a party where Nordic Boy did a very memorable imitation of Jane Fonda doing 80s aerobics during the charades round of a game of Celebrity. A friend of ours described it as “a cross between Jane Fonda and Grover.” Just picture that, if you can. I have been working like a crazy person, but it’s been ok, because the people I work with are awesome, plus it’s better to be busy at work than not, right? (Famous last words, anyone?) It was Nordic Boy’s birthday recently and there was so much money spent on foodstuffs that we shoved into our gaping maws that I’m sort of embarrassed at the excess. First of all, I took him to Poppy’s. I haven’t had a meal I enjoyed so much in a long, long time. It was freaking ridiculous. You should go to there, immediately. The next night, Biogirl took us to dinner at Tilth. And wow, again. It was so delectable. The night after that, Delium took us to dinner at Carmelita. Triple whammy on the food tip! The downside is that Nordic Boy did not get his slide ruler, but those meals were more than enough gift. When that triple food threat was over, the following night, we stayed home and ate a take-out burrito from Nordic Boy’s favorite little hole in the wall. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got.

We also went to see the 14/48 theater festival, which is this crazy thing where on Thursday night, a bunch of theater types get together (writers, designers, actors, directors) and pick a theme out of a hat. That night, the writers spend all night writing 7 one-acts. They hand those in on Friday at 8am, and then the rest of them have until 8pm that night to design, construct, rehearse. That night, the show goes on. This made me simultaneously really nostalgic for working in theater (look at all that collaboration and camaraderie!) and totally so happy to not be working in theater any longer (that shit looks so tiring, and also, there are a lot of really hyper people in that line of work, which was really apparent during the show, and although I once was a young lady who bounced off the walls with creativity, I am now a less-young lady who is creative in a way that involves rest breaks and going to bed by 11pm).

After the show, Nordic Boy and I were verbally assaulted by a shit-faced audience member who was the spitting image of Kenny Rogers. The show was really entertaining, and I mean no disrespect to those who put it on, but drunk Kenny Rogers was even more entertaining.

We also went to a birthday party of a friend of ours. He played two awesome sets with his band for the entire party so we didn’t get to actually see him or talk to him much, but dang it was fun. It was held in an Elks Lodge, you guys. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, big birthday bashes, wedding receptions, and the like were often held in Elks Lodges. Or VFW halls. So this was just rocking my socks old school. I mean, check this out.

This was in the ladies bathroom. Silver wallpaper strips! White wicker chairs with floral cushions! Gold wall art! Please remind me of this when it comes time for us to re-do our bathroom.
There was a display where each panel of names were accompanied by pieces of foam that were spray painted with glitter paint and labelled “Gold” or “Silver” or “Emerald.” The shapes of foam did not seem to have rhyme nor reason, and really, why should they?
The ceiling was decked out in with white paper (napkins? toilet paper?) that was shredded and fixed into big pouffy mobiles. To which I say: yes.
And there was great elk paraphenalia everywhere. My favorite was this clock, although unfortunately it was very poorly lit. Does it not deserve a spotlight?
That’s the beginning of my 2011. Not too shabby. Hope yours is treating you mighty fine too.


  1. I am so glad you posted the bathroom photo. We need to post it to some DIY home decor blogs, pronto.Also I'm jealous – Poppy & Carmelita's are my way favorites. I want to try Tilth. Maybe for Sky's birthday.

  2. Don't they just serve up healthy, loamy soil at Tilth, like I'll have a bowl of your pH balanced topsoil and a side of nasturtiums, light on the fennel? I can't believe NB didn't get his ruler after you published the list for all the world to see. Maybe they're hard to get nowadays.

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