Making an Exit

This weekend, Biogirl came over because she needed a picture taken of herself for her work website, and she nominated me as the photographer. That girl is so funny about getting her photo taken, you guys. I know that many people don’t like getting their photos taken, and it’s not my favorite thing either, but really, I would love to see Biogirl as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Although I think it might kill her dead from sheer self-consciousness though, so no, I guess I don’t want to see that.

Anyway, so we walked to a local park and I took pretty pictures of my pretty friend. Except maybe I wasn’t the best choice in terms of photographer. Not that I take a particularly bad photo- I am ok. But she was really, really not comfortable. And I am not the person in her life to make her calm down in situations like that. Actually, all I did was make her giggle more. And more. I have a friend, Andrea, who is a professional photographer, and I have had the privilege of sitting for photos by her a number of times. She is a master at making one feel comfy and natural. I kept thinking of Andrea. How does she do that? It’s like she has a potion for photo confidence that she slips you or something. A smile-and-relax mickey. I tried to channel Andrea, but really, it was kind of a failure. I am prone to get the giggle fits with that Biogirl anyway, and so really it was doomed from the get-go. Luckily, she is head of the Pretty Committee so getting a good shot turned out ok.

After that, Nordic Boy, Delium and I walked to lunch (gorgeous autumn days, still with us, thank you baby jeebus). Delium announced that he had heard of something that CHANGED HIS LIFE. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard the phrase “…and it CHANGED MY LIFE…” come out of Delium, I would be sailing a yacht into early retirement by now. But that’s just how that guy is. It’s endearing. So I decided to adopt the Change My Life stance for the afternoon. We tried a new restaurant and I said that if it was good, it was going to Change My Life! As soon as I said it, Delium lit up. “NOW, you are speaking my language, lady!” What does it say when you can make fun of someone right to their face and they not only know what you are doing, they love you for doing it?

Later that night, I took some of my clothes to a clothing swap party and fundraiser for a local queer youth organization. We piled all of our clothes in a pile and went through them to see if we wanted to take home anything anyone else broughted. I had made a dinner date with Nordic Boy for after, which meant that I dropped my stuff off, talked to my friends, picked out a few sweet items, and then maintained my reign of First Person to Leave A Party. I don’t know how it always ends up that way, but it just does. I guess I am just classy that way.

When The Soggy Librarian got married, I showed up to the venue and took my seat. The minute the ceremony was over, people started to move into the dining area to get their reception on. I grabbed my sweater and put it on, just because I was cold. My friend Jennifer looked at me and said, “Oh, are you leaving? Have a good night!” She thought that I was going to just waltz right on out of there before people had even gotten up from their chairs post-ceremony. And I don’t blame her for thinking that. She’s known me long enough to see that it’s usually the back of my head that you see at a party, gliding out the door before people have even finished their first drink.

I really should work on that habit. If I did, I am sure it would CHANGE MY LIFE.

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  1. I feel like I need to capitilize more things in my life now. I think I'll start noe and go be the First Person to Leave for Christmas shopping that will Change My Life.

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