Full of hot air

Man, that last post was entirely too cohesive. Who the hell do I think I am? Now, back to my regularly scheduled randomosity. In list form. All disjointed-like.

1. The weather for the last few days has been gorg-wah. Is there an emoticon for pursing all your fingers together and then kissing them into the air? Because, mwah! It has been clear skies, warm (this week saw 70 degrees), with a lovely breeze that blows all the autumn leaves around. The other day, Nordic Boy and I took a long walk and went through a park off the beaten path. For some reason, there was no one there, which is a rarity on a lovely day in the city. We kicked leaves around. The awesome weather is over now, but man, it was nice while it lasted.

2. My sister sent me photos of her kids on Halloween. My niece, who is almost-thirteen, has gone into a phase where she just wants to dress weird for Halloween. No character, no theme. Just get a bunch of crazy clothes and a crazy wig. I had sort of forgotten this, but I had a phase like that too. All of a sudden I didn’t care to be a witch or even something esoteric and clever. I just wanted to get my weird on. It wasn’t because I was a conservative/timid dresser and Halloween was an excuse to experiment with weird. I actually dressed pretty, um, expressively anyway. Same with my niece. I went through that phase right at the same age as she is now. This makes me wonder if there is some sort of cognitive developmental thing going on, where kids that age are thinking more abstractly or something. Or maybe it’s just my niece and I, and true weirdness in our family DNA kicks in at age 12. On Halloween.

3. I went out for a happy hour dinner with K8 the other night and we had hush puppies. I know hush puppies are big in the south, and in the midwest they make an appearance here and there, but in the Pacific Northwest? NEVER. Really, I never see them. So she and I were kind of overly excited about the hush puppies. Ok, well, maybe just me.

4. Speaking of puppies, when I am referring to a bunch of things, I always say “those puppies.” As in “zombie movies? Those puppies are scary.” Nordic Boy, on the other hand, always says “those bad boys.” As in “our new gutters? Those bad boys keep out the leaves!” I never say those bad boys. He never says those puppies. I am convinced that there will come a day when one of us has to cross over to the other side, and whoever holds out longest wins.

5. Last night Nordic Boy and I went out to dinner, and our friends Tanya and Alan were going to join us for dessert. When we got there, the restaurant gave us a table for 4, even though we would be 2 for the first couple of hours. So…we were That Couple who sat next to each other for dinner, rather than across the table from each other. I decided that I was going to order a puff-pastry mushroom thingy, and he decided to get mashed-potato-stuffed tacos. And then, at the last second, he ordered the mushroom thing too! I felt betrayed to be copied in such a fashion. The result was that not only were we the Sitting Next to Each Other Couple, we were also the Order The Same Thing Couple, all in one.

6. As we ate, we eavesdropped a little on the table in our sightline (come on, everyone does that, right?). It was an older lady who looked like Margaret Thatcher, pearls and big hair and all. We giggled a bit as she opened her mouth and an English accent came out (was it Margaret Thatcher?). She said to the waiter “My dear, DO tell the chef that the chocolate tartlet was DIVINE.” Our chuckles at this ceased immediately as we then witnessed her lean to the side and let out a long, squeaky tootie from her booty. Seriously, our forks stopped in mid-air as we tried to process what we had just seen in the fancy restaurant. I understand that sometimes people might let a toot fly unintentionally, but the LEAN TO THE SIDE to let it free? My dear, DO tell the lady that the one-cheek-sneak was not DIVINE.

7. I can’t bear to leave you with that image. How about this? I visited with The Soggy Librarian yesterday and her offspring (who I am unabashedly in love with and can’t seem to stop buying clothes for) barfed all over me. And I loved every minute of it.

The shirt? From Auntie Me.


  1. Oh my god, that fart story cracked me UP. She's all, "I'm old and I have an English accent so whatever I decide to do is CLASSY, bitches! Suck it!" Hey, cute baby! Too bad about the puking. At least his cute shirt was saved.

  2. I'm STILL excited about the hush puppies! Also, loved the vewy fwench egg thingy. It's weird the way a baby you care about can throw up on you & you're all like, awwwww. But really, any other person doing that, or even a strange baby…gross. k8

  3. Beautiful! That picture looks just like autumn sounds. Only better, because it was actually warm. 🙂 I think you sent the warm weather this way; I didn't freeze to death when I stepped out the door today. So, thank you!

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