Consumables #31

One book, two movies, three songs.

In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot by Graham Roumieu.
This cracked my shit up. Bigfoot commentating on pop culture, and love, and the nature of existence. He starts off the whole thing by cursing out Chewbacca for stealing his game. Come on, that’s just good stuff.

The Book of Eli
A good one for me to watch to prepare for the post-apocalypse shitstorm I was mentioning before. This one gave me hope because what ends up being the most coveted thing of all? Knowledge of BOOKS. Perhaps I can use this as evidence of my worth on the anti-zombie squadrons.

How can you not love Jeff Bridges? It’s just kind of impossible to me.

Laid, by James
There are certain things, in a relationship, that will always make the other person laugh, no matter how many years go by. For me, it’s Nordic Boy’s Don Knotts impersonation. The first time he did that we were standing backstage of a theater while the show was going on. He was in the wings stage right and I was in the wings stage left. He had a prop gun and he pulled it out of its holster in a dead ringer impression of Don Knotts in The Shakiest Gun in the West. I literally had to fall on the floor in silent hysterics to not disrupt the show. To this day, that will get me laughing if he does that. I am laughing just thinking about it now. Anyway, a thing that I do that will always get a laugh out of him is break into the song Laid, by James. When I belt out the high notes with full on gusto, it cracks him right up.

CBS Romania- Mask It!
If you are tidying up your house, or doing dishes, or cooking a meal, is there a better, sillier song to get your groove going than this? I don’t know. I was folding laundry this week and this came on and somehow it was the perfect housework song.

The Black Keys- Howlin’ for You
I think this is a good Halloween Week song. Put your Halloween costume on and do a spooky/sexay Halloween dance this weekend. I will if you will.

Happy Halloween, friends.


  1. I would love it if that song was my alarm in the morning, I love that it. I very inappropriately insisted it be one of the first songs on our play list at our wedding so I could dance around like a crazy person.

  2. At first I misread CBS Romania for CSI Romania and I thought "Dude, that show does NOT need another spin-off!"But then I read it correctly .

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