Now how could we involve Bill Murray in this?

In our new and improved Pretty Much Free Plan from Comcast, we have digital music channels. A showtunes station, a Top 40 station, a 90s R&B station (oh Johnny Gill, I have missed you). Sort of like free Pandora without the commercial interruptions. On Saturday night, Nordic Boy and I stayed in and made ourselves a fancy three course dinner. While we were making dinner, I turned on the music channel. “Which channel should we try?” I said. “I don’t care. Just pick one.”

I chose 70’s, what the hell. Hadn’t tried that one before.

I don’t know what was happening with that digital channel that evening, but they were playing the slowest, sappiest, sleepiest 70s music ever. The playlist:

That If-A-Picture-Paints-A-Thousand-Words song by Bread

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle

I Just Want To Be Your Everything by Andy Gibb

Some Emerson Lake and Palmer song

Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters

Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin (or is it Jim Croce? I forget. And I’m too lazy to look it up. You know what song I mean).

Nordic Boy: DUDE. The 70s are depressing.
Me: Maybe this mix is supposed to be romantic?
Nordic Boy: Bread is talking about the world ending. That’s not romantic.


Nordic Boy: Wow, Patty Murray.
Me: What about Patty Murray?
Nordic Boy: I haven’t heard Patty Murray in forever.
Me: Really? But she’s everywhere.
Nordic Boy: She is? Still?
Me: Well, I know she’s been around for a long time, but it’s election season, so her ads are everywhere.
Nordic Boy: Is she campaigning for someone? I thought she was Canadian.
Me: How could she be Canadian? She’s in office here. Are you saying she’s naturalized? I didn’t know that.
Nordic Boy: She’s IN OFFICE?
Me: Oh my god. You know that! She’s our State Senator for the past bazillion years!
Nordic Boy: No! Our Senator’s name is…oh. Patty Murray.
Me: Who did you think we were talking about?
Nordic Boy: Who is singing this awful “You Needed Me” song that’s on right now?
Me: That song is by ANNE MURRAY. Not Patty Murray.
Nordic Boy: Oh.

(Silence, chopping veggies, listening to the song)…

Nordic Boy: Are you thinking about how awesome it would be if Senator Murray actually sang this song?
Me: Totally.


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