Holey Moley Me Oh My

This week, I took two days off of work to celebrate the old Bee Day. It’s sort of amazing how two extra days off can feel like a month. I decided that, for my birthday this year, I wanted to celebrate the super ordinary awesomeness in my life right now. What are some things that are super ordinary that I love about my life? I’ll tell you.

1. Meeting up with friends
I finished up the actual birthday by going out on the town (by which I mean we sat in a bar) with a bunch of homies. We met up at 8:30, and were wrapping it up by midnight. I remember when my night used to start at midnight, ya’ll. You should have seen how tired I was when I got home that night- it was comical. I was straight up stumbling into bed, motor skills evaporating, and it wasn’t because I was drunk. It was because OMG IT’S AFTER MIDNIGHT SLEEP WHERE IS MY BED SLEEEEEEPY.

Did I mention that I am not 20 anymore? I always forget that.

On the other hand, I was talking to my brother on the phone at about 9pm and he was amazed, AMAZED, that I was out on a Thursday. “Your night is just starting?? We are about to go to bed now.” So, according to some, I am still a young whippersnapper.

I went out with about 20 of my pals and they all bought me fancy drinks which in a way I felt bad about because I tend to be kind of picky about fancy drinks and so I ended up downing some kind of lemony shit that to my unsophisticated palette tasted like you might want to clean your toilet with it (lemon fresh scent!) rather than put it down your gullet. But that’s just me. I am also the person who thought a Seagram’s Wine Cooler was the height of tasty when I was in high school so you might not want to use me as a drink guide.

2. Shoes
On Friday I went and bought a new pair of shoes. As I was sitting there, a young cute dude struck up a conversation with me. Like, super cute. Ok, hottie hot hot. In my head, I am thinking “Cute boy, trying to talk to me? STILL GOT IT.” Then he says to me: “I love those shoes. They’re Anyi Lu’s, right?” And I said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

I’m not one to stereotype, but we have to consider the fact that this might have been a gay fellow, yes? Not only the shoe thing, but the fact that he was striking up a conversation with me. What are the chances that a straight hottie, ten years younger than me, was trying to pick me up in the middle of the Nordstrom shoe department? Not a really high liklihood, is all I’m saying.  But whatever the case, I am deciding to file that under “straight cutie who knows his shoes but was overpowered by my animal magnetism.” We’ll never know the truth, but that’s how it’s going into the history books, ok?

3. Hiking the city
I went on a long walk around my city. We have been having the most pleasant autumn this year. Just sunny, and crisp, and delightful. Sometimes Seattle can go from summer right into the grey winter of doom overnight, so this has been quite a treat.

4. Comfort food
Nordic Boy had a list of fancy suggestions for a birthday dinner out. “Anything you want to eat, we’re going!” But what I really wanted? Was for him to just make me his spinach enchiladas and spanish rice. It’s sometimes really weird when I think about how, for many people, comfort food is associated with something a parent or grandparent made for them growing up. For me it’s the same- there are some things that my mom makes that I just want when I want to feel safe and loved. But over the years, more of that space in my belly is for stuff Nordic Boy makes for me. I guess it stands to reason- we have been taking care of each other for a long time now. So he made me his simple enchiladas. And then the next night? He made pot pies. Ordinary, but perfect.

5. Old movies
You know how I love me some old movies. A cinema in town is showing Hitchcock movies on the big screen. Um, heaven! We went to see “Vertigo.” Seeing Jimmy Stewart be such a friggin’ crackpot always kind of freaks me out. And Kim Novak’s fake painted-on eyebrows on a screen that big? FRIGHTENING.

The next night Biogirl came over and we watched “An American In Paris.” That big dance number at the end is kind of a hot mess, is it not? And the costumes at the Black and White party? A feast for the eyeballs. Why can’t real life be like a Gene Kelly movie?

Pot pies, Gene Kelly dvd, present, and cupcakes. Heck yes.

6. My parents
My parents are just heartbreakingly sweet, you guys. On my birthday, my dad had to go back into the hospital, as he has to do sometimes now. My mom had called me that morning to wish me a happy birthday, and had said that my dad would call back later, since he wasn’t feeling well. By the time I was ready to go out with my friends that night, I hadn’t heard from him, so I knew something was up. I spent a few hours that evening on the phone with my mom, who was by then at the hospital with my dad, and then contacting my siblings and all that other stuff you do when things like that happen. When we were at the point where there wasn’t anything more I could do, I left the house to go out with my friends. That’s just what you learn to do when you have someone you love that’s long-term sick. You figure out when you are needed and for that you drop everything. But when you aren’t needed, you have to just keep living your life. So you do it. It’s hard, it sucks, but there really isn’t anything more to be done sometimes. Does it feel weird to be out hooting it up celebrating with my friends while my dad is in a hospital bed? Yes. Do I want to curl up in a ball and freak out sometimes? Yep. And sometimes I do. But most of the time, I get on with it. Mostly because I know that’s what my dad wants me to do.

When my dad got out of the hospital over the weekend, he called me. And you know what he said? “Before we get into anything else, I want to hear all about your birthday.” Did I mention heartbreakingly sweet?

So that’s my Super Ordinary Everyday sort of birthday that I had. I didn’t really do anything special. But yet it was all special. Ooh, deep.

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  1. Looks like you had a most fabulous day. Which was exactly my wish in your birthday greetings, so YAY! Only slightly jelly of big screen Hitchcock…

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