Three State Tour

We’re tooling around the Midwest at breakneck speed, people. It’s sort of a blur so far. This is a family-only trip and we’re trying to see as many blood relations as we can so it’s back to back breakfasts, brunches, and dinners. We don’t even have gigantic families, so I don’t even understand how those of you who do even figure out logistics.

Today we’re having our first few minutes of calm while we stop in the outer hinterlands of Chicagoland at Alli’s house. (And ok so she’s not a blood relation but she might as well be).

Ima try to keep the blog rolling as we go. We’ll see if I’m successful, but your doubting me is probably smart.

Three things of note to report:
1. Our hotel for the past two nights decided to upgrade us, at no extra cost, to a Presidential Suite. It was at the top of a spiral staircase and majorly fancy. Of all the primo amenities, the one i need to tell you about is how they kept bringing us hot chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Like, without us even asking. Because that’s how the presidents do it, baby.

2. On the other end of the fanciness scale, we went and found the house that Nordic Boy spent most of his childhood in. I wanted to hug this house for taking care of him for so many years.

3. We also went to visit the theatre where Nordic Boy and I first met about a gajillion years ago. The nostalgia in that place? Off the charts.

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