Waaaaah, indeed.

Adjacent to one of my offices is a library conference room that is used by library patrons. It’s used for meetings, studying, tutoring, whatever. One of the people that uses the room is a tutor who brings in groups of kids and teaches them Arabic. When he is in there, they have these sing-songy lessons where he says a phrase and the kids all repeat after him. I can’t really make out anything specific, but still, the wall between us is quite thin, so I just hear something like this:

Why-yah shah dee DEE gah fahhhh.

Grah fah dah mah DOO jah nahhhhh.

Honestly, I don’t even hear it anymore. It’s like ambient noise to me. Except, yesterday I thought I was going to lose my shit listening to that. Somehow, the fact that I can hear it, but I can’t really hear it, was making me crazy. Never mind that I wouldn’t be able to understand it- the fact that I could only hear this lesson in a muffled, adults-on-Charlie-Brown sort of way was seriously jacking me up.

In other news, my Facebook conversations with my friends have dwindled to downright incoherent. Case in point:

Mrs. M, on Mr. M’s wall:
“I miss you! Waaah!”

Mr. M:
“Waaaah x2!”

“I miss you both! Waaaah!”

“Waaaah! I just thought I would join in.”

Mr. M:
“Librarian Girrrrrrrrrl!”


Mr M:


Mr. M:

What is happening, people? I have no excuse.

All of this is just proving to me that perhaps I need a few days off. So, this afternoon, when Nordic Boy drives off into the sunset to go to Portland for work for a couple of days, I am so going with him. Sure, it’s a super quick mini vacation, but I am thinking a night in a fancy hotel might knock some sense back into me.

Next post, from Portlandia. I am trying to whittle down my list of Portland restaurants that I want to go to. So many vittles in that town. Mmmmm.

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