Consumables #24

First of all, thank you guys so much for all the silly stuff you sent me after my Festival of Whines the other day. You so funny!

I shall start out the Consumables with some weirdo clip that Leah posted to the blog comments. Really, what can you say about this? Nothing.

Stone Reader
Geeky book lover’s documentary. A dude’s favorite book is written by an author no one seems to have heard of, and who never wrote another thing, so he goes on a quest to find him. You will either really like this or be so bored you’ll want to cry. No middle ground.

The Matrix
I’ve been half-watching movies that are showing on tv, and this was on this week. Neo and Trinity, the most stone-faced lovers in all of pop culture, yes?

Photos, by Sammy Davis Jr.
Frank, Dean, Marilyn, Lauren, Betty, Shirley, just everyone looking glamorous and gorgeous. Mm, mm, mm.

And some songs that got me through the week…

Babelonia, by School of Seven Bells

Swoon, by The Chemical Brothers
(I know they are not really saying this, but I like to sing along during the bridge by saying “here’s mud in your eye” because doesn’t that sound like what they are saying)?

Tightrope, by Janelle Monae

Sunny, by Ella Fitzgerald

I plan to take the weekend by the balls, and I suggest you do the same, everyone.  Happy Friday!

One comment

  1. Hey, wow, thanks for the tip on "Stone Reader". Right up my alley! Never heard of the book or the movie, but I just watched several trailers and now I'm already sick with it. Must see!word verification = "oulkincl"

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