Consumables #23

Dudes, I am so tired this week it hurts to type. Nordic Boy and I got buck wild with the home improvements and then on top of that there were other added stressors that were hella depressing and hectic and you add that all up and you’ve got brain deaditis. BLAH BLOO BLEE BLAH.*

The other day, Nordic Boy and I were working on the house, and the evening daylight was almost up and we weren’t as far along on our project as we wanted. He turned to me at one point and said, and I quote, “Well, we can do as much as we can on this part now, and then in the twilight we can caulk.”

In the twilight we can caulk. He’s got the heart of a poet, that one.

So today, I am going to do Consumables a day early, because I just do not have one iota of energy to do anything else. Because of all the harried times over here, I haven’t been consuming all that much in terms of movies and tv and the like. I heard that Snookie rang the bell at the NYSE and that President Obama was on The View and I ask you what sort of backwards up-is-down world are we living in? Because that seems like a pop culture switcheroo if I ever heard one.

So, no movies or tv this week, although we did limp into our house last night and make ourselves a sad, sad dinner of spaghetti made with undoctored sauce out of a bottle at 10pm, and tried to keep our eyes open while chewing half-heartedly by watching The Big Lebowski on tv. I thought working really hard, physically, was supposed to release endorphines or something and make you feel better about your troubles. And that tv was supposed to deaden the mind. Neither one of these, I am here to tell you, is true. Hopefully things will get better soon. Because this aggression will not stand, man.

Ok, so. Consumables.

The Silver Linings Playbook
The book jacket review blurb says “hilarious.” It was good, but not hilarious. I found it quite melancholy with sardonic/witty overtones, which does not mean hilarious. Still, it was good. There was a large portion of the story that revolves around football and rabid football fans, and these are usually things that will make me fall dead asleep so if I still say it was good despite that, you should know that it was quite a good book.

While we have been working outside, we have plugged in Pandora and listened to some random stuff. Here’s what has stuck in my brain.

There was a point where Nordic Boy was using his nailgun in exact rhythm with this song. And really, how could you not?

Living In Oblivion, by Anything Box
Oh, the early 90s. Thems was good times.

Never There, by Cake
I have a friend who used to date a dude in Cake, and after she told me about the dicky behavior I said I wouldn’t listen to them anymore. That’s right, SISTERHOOD, baby. They came on Pandora this weekend, and I just let it play. Does this constitute betrayal? Really, I was on a ladder in the middle of staple-gunning the shit out of my house. But I feel guilty about it.

I Put My Hand in There
My friend Jenny has a thing for Johnny Depp. I know, so do a lot of people. But she really does have a history with Johnny infatuation, all the way back to 21 Jump Street. I know, so do a lot of people. Just, in my world, I associate her with him. She also, completely separate from this, does a very uncanny Carol Channing impression. And how could you not love a girl like that? This week, this news story came out where it is being said that Johnny Depp’s dream role would be to play Carol Channing. How weird is that? It’s like Jenny’s dream come true. Johnny AS Carol. Too much to bear. This news story made me get this song in my head and it just will not stop. And like many classic songs from musicals, the innuendo is strong, but really, Carol Channing? “Twist a little, turn a little, him a little, her a little, pressure with the thumbs, matrimony comes when, I put my hand in there!” Oh dear.
*tm _lovechild

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