Food, trees, art, home

There were many things that made me frown, cringe, and feel slightly nauseated in the past few days. Rather than share those things, I shall share some things that made me smile.

Seattle Food Truck boom
The city of Seattle has made food distribution easier to do and thus, food trucks and food carts are flourishing. Gourmet ice cream, hotdogs, taco trucks, doughnut trucks, burgers, pizza, fish and chips, thai food, and more, all on wheels.

Country in the city
Last Friday night Nordic Boy and I took a hike around our city for over two hours, and at several points found ourselves in parks that seemed far, far away from any concrete and steel, even though we were steps away from it all the time.

Urban Craft Uprising
A gathering of artists who get together and sell their wares. It was heaven. I made a bunch of scores when I went this year, not the least of which was this cool shrinky dink mustachio necklace (look for it in the etsy shop called Passion Flower). While wearing it, you can even lift it up to your upper lip and it fits most faces perfectly. You know, in case you need a disguise at an unexpected moment.

Voicemail Songwriter Improv
I have friends who call me up and when I don’t pick up, don’t do anything other than sing a crazy song they made up, and then hang up. You know who you are, and I LOVE YOU.

Coming home

Walking in my front door at the end of my work day is among the best feelings in the world. But before I get to the front door, I walk up my front stoop, and then step onto my porch, and in that few seconds, I get a glimpse through my front window. Sometimes Nordic Boy is reading in there, sometimes he’s in the kitchen whipping something up. But looking in my window, I know he’s there somewhere and it’s pretty rad.


  1. So I don't usually comment but I felt the need to tell you that as I was reading this (and listening to Grooveshark), the song that came up in my playlist was Marion the Librarian (from The Music Man). 🙂

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