Consumables #20

I swear to you I will get back to posting more than just Consumables starting next week. Because really, there is stuff happening in my life other than this. Sheesh.

In the meantime! This week:

Clash of the Titans (1981 version starring Sir Laurence Olivier opposite Harry Freaking Hamlin)

Flint #1: Choosing Sides
I saw this at the library, and how could I not read it? It’s set in my own drrty ghetto fabulous hometown that I love so much. Prostitution! Basketball! Drug deals! Gang wars! Ah, I feel 16 again. Ha ha.What killed the whole thing was that the back of the book blurb tells you the whole dang story. Boo! I confess the thing I loved most about it was the design on the book cover that just had the signs for Interstate 75 and 475 on either side of the title. Holla!

This Is Just Exactly Like You, by Drew Perry
This was totally ruined for me because someone told me it was funny. Ready to laugh, I dove in. Um, whoever told me that, you are fired. If only I could remember who you are.

And lastly, I rocked out to this song while making breakfast this morning, because the sun shining in my windows just amped me the eff UP. Nordic Boy added in the background “Whoop” whenever needed. Yay summer!

One comment

  1. I enjoy your consumables! Recently you posted about Planet B-Boy and I just watched that last week. It was GREAT. So thanks for recommending/mentioning it. I think it might be one of the best dance documentaries I've seen so far.

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