I can see clearly now, the rain has gone

The week is whizzing by! Or taking a whiz by. Thoughts, musings, and perhaps a couple of actual happenings.
1. I am so grown up, you guys. It’s true. I spend so much time doing grown up things, it kind of weirds me out. The other day, I was called upon to get information off of my homeowner’s insurance, and I knew right where my policy was. This made me take a step back and realize that I have neat and organized files in my life. Of things like insurance, and 401k stuff, and shit like that. And I understand it. And I keep it nice and tidy and up to date. GAH.

2. It’s supposed to be 92 degrees here today and I LOVE IT. I try to keep my jocularity quiet though because Seattle-ites will cut you if you are happy about the weather. Any weather. It is universally maligned, hot or cold. Seattle is not happy unless it is a perfect, hermetically-sealed bubble of 72.6 degrees with filtered sunlight and a 3 mile an hour breeze. Being from the Midwest, this seems nuts to me.

3. Let’s talk about the dudes who yell out to ladies from cars, shall we? Dudes, what is that all about? What is the purpose of this activity? Approaching a lady, I get. Asking her for her phone number, I get. But driving by and yelling out the window some sort of poetic phrase such as “Aye, Mami!” or “Delicious, bay-beeee!” What IS THAT? What is that doing for you? What is the satisfaction? What is the response you would like? Really, it dumbfounds me.

4. Remember the town BioGirl and I concocted? I can’t believe none of y’all told me about Dick Trickle. I think he might be the first real live person that can live in our town, and I totally forgot about him all this time. And then I remembered, and that made me think of Dick Butkus. Give those two immigration papers immediately! We need them in our town, now!

5. Have you noticed that on tv and in the movies, people seem to know when phone conversations are over and they just hang up without saying “goodbye”? Do you guys do that? I never do that. I always say bye to people on the phone. How are these tv people sure that they aren’t hanging up on someone?

6. My Tivo always suggests that I watch “Kimora Lee Simmons: Life in the Fab Lane.” I tried it last night and I couldn’t get through it. And I think we all know me well enough by now to know that I can get through a lot of doodoo-caca in the medias. But that? No. Now I am sort of offended at my Tivo for thinking that I should watch that.

7. I did, however, watch an episode of “What Not To Wear” where they claimed that every man needed to own a pair of mandals. EVERY MAN. EVERYWHERE. MANDALS. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

8. I am planning another upcoming Midwest trip and thinking about it makes me so excited I may or may not do a faux peepee dance without realizing.


  1. Number 5. I've been waiting years for someone to take this on. Single most irritating thing about watching tv, how phone conversations end — that and how quickly people answer at the other end, or open their doors when you knock and they have a huge house. Thank you!

  2. Number 5: I do this! Hang up without saying "goodbye", I mean. And I know at least five people that I speak to often that do this also. It's not just a made-up movie thing!

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