Consumables #19

Consumables from last week, because I am just late with every last thing in my life these days.

Look up Funny and Adorable in the dictionary and Charlene Yi will be staring right back at you from the page.

Whatever Works
Another film about a cranky old guy who lands a beautiful and ditzy girl just this side of legal age who happens to adore the crankyness. OMG Woody Allen play a NEW TUNE, will you?

Shape of the Moon
I don’t know how to explain this movie other than to say it follows a modern Indonesian family. And so many other things. It was slow, sad, big, and small.

So You Think You Can Dance
I was just glad that I didn’t have to hear Mia Michaels say “Dance is not an art form, it’s a HEART FORM,” like she did the previous week. I didn’t think I could miss Mary Murphy, but I actually think she was a better judge. Under all the screaming, that is.

Confessions of a Prairie Bitch
Didn’t have the broader appeal of overall 80s pop culture (Brat Pack stories! Bruce Boxleitner romance! Billy Idol!) like Melissa Gilbert’s memoir, but this one had more morsels for true Little House fans. Who else is going to tell you that Michael Landon wore pants so tight as Pa Ingalls that the cast and crew could tell when he was going commando? Whoa Nellie!

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