Most polite graffiti ever

I went to City Hall today, as I sometimes have to do, for work. Rather than tell you some anecdote about what I was doing there, or something about the Mayor, or something of any import whatsoever, I shall just give you this photo that I took inside the City Hall restroom. This sign was posted directly above the toilet. Inside the stall, on the wall.

In case you cannot see what is happening here, the sign says that rainwater is used in the City Hall toilets, yadda yadda. And yes, we are all indeed a bunch of damn pinko commies in Seattle who want our peepees to go into rainwater, bu that is neither here nor there.  Someone has taken it upon themselves to asterisk the sign to say that the discoloration sometimes found in the rainwater “looks like piss.”  Someone else, clearly wanting to provide a rebuttal to this very important debate gauntlet that has been thrown down in the toilet stall graffiti community, comes back with the comment “It’s great that we aren’t using our amazing drinking water to flush toilets- this should be a Best Practice on all new buildings.”

This sign is printed on regular printer paper and then slipped into a plastic sleeve which is stuck to the wall. The person who started this whole war of words didn’t just take out his/her pen and start writing on walls, no sir. They took the time to slip the sheet out of the plastic to write on it properly, and then slipped it neatly back in. Not only that, they didn’t just scribble across the sheet. Or even scribble across the bottom of the sheet. Nope. They wrote across the bottom in a straight line, as if on lined paper, in legible writing. And, in perhaps my most favorite touch, they asterisked the exact word to which they were referring their piss appearance comparison. Just so we weren’t confused, I suppose. Why just graffiti something on a sign when you can footnote it instead?

The person who wrote back did not deface the original comment. Instead, they skewered this rube by unfurling the double asterix! Awww, snap!

Oh Seattle. I love you.


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