Laundry Room Upgrade Part One

This weekend was tip tops!

First of all, I realized that for all the housey stuff that we do around here, I don’t really share the joy, do I? Why not, since I love to see all y’all’s housey and arty and other types of projects? I should really be reciprocating on that stuff, is what I just figured out. Listen, I never said I was the brightest bulb in the box. But I get it now. So from now on, I shall share. Ready? Ok.

Have I ever told you about our strange laundry room? Our laundry room is a totally unfinished eyesore, with strange mismatched built in cabinets that don’t have shelves in them, and also a weird sideways door (with a doorknob and everything) that opens up to reveal a creepy twin bed compartment that looked like it was built for a jail cell or a dungeon. When we first moved in, that bed was the first thing to be ripped out, because hello, I don’t need no Flowers in the Attic style vibe in my house freaking my shit out, no thanks. Since then, the dungeon bed was gone, but the rest was still ugly and very low on the functionality scale. I don’t have a great photo of it, but here’s one that I took the week we moved in.

That large open cubby on the right is part of where the vampire bed used to be.

Anyway, recently I was all “hey how about some for reals cabinets in there?” and Nordic Boy was all “shut up about the for reals cabinets we have bigger fish to fry” and I was all “make me shut up” and he was all “ok I will.”

And this weekend, this is what happened.

KAPOW! Cabinets! And paint!

And then KA-SLAM! Shelves, and doors, and handles!

Ooh, look at the doors, people. BI-FOLD! Fold, you doors, fold!

We need to wire in some better lighting in that room, so the photos are kind of not great, but there you have it. Cabinetry galore. And see how I blamed the lighting for the bad photography? Did you catch that one?

Anyway, what you can’t really see here, but is super delightfully awesome, is the sizing of the cabinets. Nordic Boy designed them so that each one has more depth than the one before. The first one is skinny, the second one steps up and is a little fatter, and the third one (which you actually can’t see here) is fatter still, and the last one is huge. So it’s a terraced sort of design, which maximizes the space and fits all of our shit perfectly. I love them more than is ladylike, really.

Other than that, we…

…hung out with Delium on Friday night (which included the three of us watching the new season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, which HELLO BLOG FRIENDS not one of you told me that this was coming up. Sheesh, what is up with that?)

…played a harrowing game of 80s Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit with BioGirl and her gentleman friend where my undefeated status was crushed to itty bitty pieces by Nordic Boy and the four of us got the giggles when someone said “Bettino Craxi” and it sounded more like “Buttino Craxi” because that’s the kind of classy joint we run around here

…went on a popcorn field trip with pals, which I could try and explain to you but I don’t think I could even if I tried

…called my friend Chris to wish him a happy birthday, and actually considered warbling the Happy Birthday Song to him, but then chickened out because Chris is a bonafide for real opera singer and hearing my broke down version of Happy Birthday might just make him cut me as a friend

…finally, on Monday, had a Lost finale viewing party (listen, we were away when it was actually on) wherein Biogirl and I got to yell out LAPEEDUS many many times which I am sure enhanced everyone else’s viewing pleasure.
Also, I spent a fair amount of time cheering on the cabinet-making. Which totally counts as contributing.


  1. You know what is scarier than vampire beds is all the fur from the foreheads of cats that have passed through that cat-door in the first picture. Yeck. I hope you guys put in a new one or at least wiped off the flap.

  2. SYTYCD, I love you , but what is with giving Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels the old switcheroo? Mia is now the judge and Mary will be doing choreo. WHAT?!

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