Vacation over and out

Vacation is over. Here’s some photos to remind me that it actually existed.
The main drag in Flint. This view reminds me of being a teen and heading out to dance clubs with unfortunate names like The Copa, or The Hot Rock. Which then makes me think of wine coolers. Despite this, I like this view.
Alli took this photo of a Flint pimp car. You can’t see the pimpliciousness, but trust me, it was happening. Alli had the sense not to try and take a photo of the actual pimps that emerged from this car, but let me just tell you that Flint has full on pimps of the old school variety. Gold-topped walking canes, full length fur coats, zooty hats with feathers on them. They always remind me of peacocks when I see them.
My favorite store when I was growing up was Value City, where sometimes you could buy clothes by the pound. And now? CLOSED. Broke my heart. Not as much as when the doughnut shop (called Dyn-O-Bite, for god’s sake) closed, but almost.
Frankenmuth, the fake-German town, all bedecked in Disney-ish Bavarianism. I don’t care much for Frankenmuth, but yet somehow I always end up there. This trip was no exception. I must have a deep seated need to see people in Technicolor lederhosen or something.
This 7-11 played a pivotal role in my teen years. That’s right, I said PIVOTAL.
Factories, factories, everywhere, even if they aren’t functioning.
My pops.
My moms and pops. SO CUTE.

A display on the streets of Frankenmuth. Oh yeah.


  1. OMG! That 7-11… I used to know the guy who worked there by his first name… and not cause it was on his name tag. I think we were there EVERY DAY for a stretch. Remember the time when they rented movies there? Oye. A Coke Slurpee and a grape Now & Later sure does sound good right now! Sugar anyone?

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