Apple orchards = run like hell

This is where the neighborhood kids would congregate at dusk on summer nights to play Bloody Murder or Ghost in the Graveyard to scare the bejeezus out of each other. I was the littlest so every round I didn’t piss myself from fear was a victory. Chances of me going into this place at night now that I’m grown? Not likely.

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  1. Wo. Memory whiplash. Ghost in the Graveyard? I remember the name, but not the rules…We played Kick the Can and I remember how that went, and I know we played GitG too, but how did it go?

  2. We played it a couple of different ways. One way: someone is chosen as It. That person runs into the dark orchard and hides (often in a tree where it's pretty much impossible to see them). Everyone else counts to 100, then we all take off into the orchard and spread out. If you find the person who is It (or they jump out and find you), you scream out "Bloody Murder!!!" this signals everyone to run like crazy trying to get back to home base. The person who is It can chase and continue to tag people. Whoever makes it back to homebase safely first wins and gets to be It for the next round.

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