Consumables #14

This week in pop culture me-ness!

The Passage, by Justin Cronin
I picked up an advance copy of this based on the marketing buzz that says that this is going to be the next! big! thing! in thriller/sci-fi books. It has movie written all over it. It has to do with the government injecting death row inmates with a virus that turns them into vampire-monsters. Ridley Scott already has the movie rights. And there will be sequels. So there you go, the next movie franchise. I’m thinking Dame Judi Dench as head vampire-monster, you know, to class it up a little.

Beiber Fever
Does anyone remember Margaret Cho’s routine where she talks about how she rented a porno (stay with me here) and then forgot to return it before she went on a long vacation so that when she came back she had two weeks’ worth of daily messages from an embarrassed video store clerk asking her to please return “Beaver Fever”? Well, I remember it. And anytime anyone says “Beiber Fever” I sort of think that’s what they are saying.

ANTM, the Kimonos and Jumpsuits Cycle
I watched another whole season of Tyra. I don’t think I would have made it through the whole thing this year but for the jumpsuits. I was tuning in to see the jumpsuit madness, and that’s about it. “Oh Mylanta!”

Barnaby Jones
This used to be my dad’s favorite show when I was a kid. I had almost forgotten that. Then I went to one of my favorite places-my local indie video store that magically owns everything-(seriously, I go there almost as much as I go to the grocery store), and they had Barnaby Jones dvds on display. And this made me remember it, and think about how excited my dad would be (maybe?) to see that they were on dvd, and before I knew it, I had screamed out, really loudly and with palpable excitement “OH MY GOD THEY HAVE BARNABY JONES HERE!” and maybe the whole store might have looked at me and appreciated my crazy. Just maybe.

“What a very special time for me…”
Nordic Boy and I were driving somewhere that was kind of far away (well, it was like 20 minutes away) and the car was quiet. “Sing me a song or something, it’s too quiet,” he says. And I did. The first one that came into my mind. And I sang it with gusto. From the very beginning to the very end. I didn’t even know I knew all the words, but SHIT, I did. And I belted it. All a cappella and everything.

That’ll teach him to want a serenade.

One comment

  1. I read the heading "What a Very Special Time for Me" and the words sounded familiar but didn't click until I clicked, as it were. You couldn't have picked a better song for a shotgun-seat performance (I am assuming you didn't try to sing this while operating a vehicle), but I was hoping to hear YOUR version. Thanks for the post.

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