Mamma Mia

Me: If we ever had a kid, what would we name it?
Him: Well, if it’s a girl, how about Bruschetta?
Me: Ok, one, that is a food. And two, you didn’t even hestitate.
Him: Bruschetta. I am sticking with Bruschetta.
Me: And then if we had a boy, we could name him Boboli.
Him: To me, this conversation shows why we belong together.
Me: Interesting. Because to me, this is a birth control commercial.


  1. In a similar idle conversation about hypothetical baby names, R once said he thought Celery would be a pretty name for a girl. Like Nordic Boy, he didn't even hesitate a moment. My response was much like yours. So I was cracking up over your post.

  2. Love it. My husband wanted to name our son Bonham…for John Bonham…I almost went with it…but in the end we chose a more 'standard' name. I do use it as his 'blog' name…so at least it's getting some use. Naming is always an ammusing game…a friend said the other day that her husband wants to name their daughter London…but they haven't been to London, don't plan on going, have no connection to it at all. Seems odd…oh well!

  3. Haha this is hilarious. Actually I think I like Boboli better than my husband's choice of Oden for a boy. Hmmm Boboli I like the sound of that.

  4. I am de-lurking to say that this had me laughing so hard I was doing that thing where you're laughing but no sound comes out. And there are tears. Holy cow. Awesome.Maybe if it's a boy you can name it after my word verification: Flaterso.

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