Consumables #12

Still watching this. And you know what they should call this show? They should call it DUDE THAT IS FUCKED UP. Because that’s what we say, over and over, when we watch it. And we watched it with friends this week, and they said it too. Nature, man. It’s fucked up.

Project Runway
Team Seth Aaron. Just because.

America’s Next Top Model
Remember how I said that I watched a hockey game and there wasn’t one fight in the whole game? Well, the shit is going down on ANTM. Those girls are vicious. I’m scared of models.

Couples Retreat
I watched this on the plane on the way to Chicago. I am convinced that the only reason this movie exists is because Vince Vaughn wanted to work on a movie while on a nice tropical island so he just threw something together. There just can’t be any other explanation. That said, I am not too proud to admit that the yoga instructor guy made me laugh, out loud.

Staying Alive
The sequel to Saturday Night Fever! Directed by Sylvester Stallone! Featuring terrible dance technique! And many rainbow unitards! And I had the novelization of this movie when I was a kid and I ate it up. I rewatched the movie this week, and oh, it hurts so good. Just look at this. LOOK AT IT, I SAY.

White Lines
I heard this song this morning and it totally brought me back to when I was a kid. “Rang dang diggity dang dee dang.” Indeed, sir.


  1. Dude, that time-lapse scene of the yard-wide starfish rating the octopus? Freakiest fucking thing I have ever seen. At least it was until the GIANT KING CRAB showed up, and then I knew I'd never set foot in the ocean again. We're also solidly Team Seth Aaron up in this hizzy, though I'm steeling myself for a finale of disappointment.

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