Welcome Mat

I think a lot about what love is.

(I wanna know what love is…. I KNOW YOU CAN SHOW ME….)

Please continue singing that song in your head as you read this post. Just do it- it would make me happy.

The people that I love the most, that are family to me, are the ones that I can count on. The ones who let me invite myself over to their house, and always make a space for me to butt right in. One of those people in my life is Allison. We can go for a little while without talking, but really? She lets me barge in whenever I want.

And I am jonesing for a little barging, because this last month has busted my bawls. So I bought a plane ticket to Chicago and told her I am coming over. I just told her. I need to see you, foo’. And like she always does, she said yes. Come over! Stay as long as you want! You are always welcome!

You are always welcome. I love it when people really mean that.

Who lets you butt in, makes the effort, makes a space in their life just for you and never puts you off? You should go hug them so hard that their eyeballs pop out a little. Because that’s family.

Also? Chicago better not have snow when I get there or I will bust a cap on someone.


  1. I always feel like a celebrity when you talk about me in your blog! And you ARE always welcome. Can't wait for you to get here. Now the weather….. that's a whole other ball 'o ear wax.

  2. We've had some crazy weather over here on the other side of the country, and my family have been flooded out of our house since Monday. And 6 separate households have offered to take some or all of us in! (Not including a blood relative who first invited then UNinvited us, but that's a whole nother story.) Anyway, I know what you mean about people who are there for you without question!

  3. Um, I'm pretty sure those people in my life are you and Nordic Boy. But don't worry, I have no desire to make anyone's eyeballs pop out of their head. How about I just treat you to some ice cream?

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