Consumables #9

This week my brain was invaded by

A Single Man
To be honest, I wanted to not like this movie. The whole Tom Ford hoopla has just gotten to be a bit much for me, (and by the way, wouldn’t Tom Ford’s voice make a great charming-but-deadly villain’s voice in an animated movie? Am I right?) and I just thought that Tom Ford has been seducing the world via his movie full of pretty, pretty aesthetics, and hell if I will be seduced by pretty aesthetics.

And then I remembered who I am and that I will almost always be seduced by pretty aesthetics. Um, hi, haven’t I ever met me before?

Also, Colin Firth is just to-die-for in this movie. No pun intended.

So fine, Tom Ford. You got me. I shake my fist at you in futility.

To Be and To Have
This was a sweet documentary about a small one-room school in rural France where a caring, dedicated teacher mentors a group of elementary school kids in just about the best educational environment one could imagine. Warm fuzzy scale: off the charts.

The Oscars
Could the Oscars be any more boring these days? There is so much advance notice on who will win everything that there is no suspense in the slightest. The biggest surprise of the night for me was spotting Kayla from So You Think You Can Dance during the dancey bits.

The Bachelor wedding
You guys, I watch more than my fair share of bad tv, believe me. And I don’t really spend any time beating myself up about that. But anything to do with The Bachelor? I watch it, and I just HATE MYSELF. The icky factor just sticks to me like I have been dipped in something disgusting. And this week, I watched the wedding. I have no excuses for myself. Someone, please intervene.

The Marriage Ref
I am not really a fan of the “take my wife, please!” style of comedy, where the butt of the joke is the joke-teller’s spouse. And this show sort of goes there, in a way. I end up feeling bad for the couples, rather than thinking that their fights are funny. Still, how can I resist wanting to see a panel of mismatched celebrities interacting? This week it was Ricky Gervais, Larry David, and Madonna, for Pete’s sake. I’m going to want to watch that. Maybe.

Stuff in my life has been making me feel like this lately:
Again and Again by The Bird and The Bee

Wow, this wasn’t a really great week for the consumables, was it? Only two things I really enjoyed. I have to step it up next week.

One comment

  1. Single Man was lovely — esp. after having seen "Chris & Don: A Love story" about Isherwood and his lover. I loved "To Be and To Have" as well. It's one of those magical DVDs that always seems to be on the shelf when you need something to recommend.

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