Consumables #8

I am allergic to Tom Cruise. Always have been, even when I was a little kid. As a result, I have never seen a Tom Cruise movie. No Top Gun, no Rain Man, no Jerry Maguire. Nothing. The only exception to this is Eyes Wide Shut, and I saw that because my curiosity about what Stanley Kubrick was going to do outweighed my Tom Cruise allergy. Sad, right? Because that movie was so not worth breaking the Tom Cruise ban for.

This week, I saw my second Tom Cruise movie ever: Valkyrie. The reason? I am a sucker for a World War II movie. Give me a movie set in World War II and pass me the popcorn. I sat through all 900 hours of Band of Brothers, for Pete’s sake.

Once again, the movie was not worth breaking the Tom Cruise ban. When will I learn?

To cleanse the palette, I watched The Train, which had many things that I love. World War II plus John Frankenheimer, plus Burt Lancaster. I love Burt Lancaster.

The Politician
I just skimmed this one and I only have three words to describe it. Smarmy, smarmy, smarmy.

Lost in the Meritocracy
Just ok, nothing to write home about.

With all the publicity for this movie everywhere, I can’t get this song out of my head. The Dude abides, people.

Lastly, my friend sent me this via email with the subject line: “This made me think of you.” I can’t convey how much this friend of mine understands how my mind works.


  1. And I thought I was the only one in existence who had a Tom Cruise allergy. And like you, I broke my Cruise-ban (sounds like a missile) and saw one of his movies. THE LAST SAMURAI, which was worth breaking the ban. I wish you a great week. Roland

  2. "Lost in the MeritocracyJust ok, nothing to write home about."I read this as "Mediocrity" & I thought "Hey – truth in advertising!"

  3. I love Burt Lancaster and love The Train. If I'm home on a weekend afternoon all cozy and a WWII movie comes on from back in the day, I am one happy customer. TCM rules for this. Visited BL's grave in LA and read a biography about him. What a scrapper and cool to read about Old New York. Tom Cruise's allure is incomprehensible.

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