Consumables #7

The Faces of America series continued to make me cry like a fool.

Good Hair
Not any new information for me here, but it’s worth seeing if you don’t know about the subject.

It sort of bugged me how they made David Frost seem like an unexperienced interviewer when he kind of wasn’t when you watch the real deal. That’s my only beef though. Also, I totally forgot about the Diane Sawyer connection to this whole thing. Remember how everyone thought she was Deep Throat for a while there?

The Examined Life
I saw it in the theater and then I rented it to watch over again. SO WHAT.

The Healthcare Summit
Made me want to tear my hair out, for reals.

I had a long conversation with my friend Sarah yesterday, about forgiveness. Pro: It was insightful. Con: It resulted in my having that Don Henley song in my head for the rest of the day. Why, Don, why did you have to do that?

To get it out, here’s a little ditty from Animal Collective.

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