Consumables #6

Faces of America
It’s genealogy, and it’s PBS, and to some this might be enough to want to stab one’s eyes out but to me it’s completely awesome. I talked about it with some friends of mine and I was sort of scared about how disconnected and uninterested they were about their history. How can people think it’s ok to not grapple with this stuff, good and bad? What’s that you say? Because they are not nerds? Oh shut up.

Oprah scaring us about John Wayne Gacey all over again
Sometimes when I come home at night and Nordic Boy is not home, I put the tv on for some background noise just while I get in my jammies, wash my face, and put my hair in a ponytail. Just for a few minutes. Oftentimes I go to what’s on my Tivo Suggestions list for this. The other night, Tivo suggested that I watch Oprah. Oprah was talking about scary clown serial killer man. Which is so not what I want to hear when I am home by myself. Damn you Oprah.

This is a documentary that is a sort of high stakes Project Runway, where fancy people like Anna Wintour create a fashion design contest in order to support young designers. When I saw it on the Netflix, I was oh so excited to watch it. I loaded it up and then let it sit in my queue all juicy-like, where it waited for days until I had the time for a viewing. When I finally started it, I realized that I had totally seen this before. Which is ok- I mean we all watch movies over again sometimes, right? But in this case, I thought I had something new to watch. This is what happens when I forget my Ginko-Geritol cocktail.

9 Songs
I had heard about the controversy surrounding this movie (unsimulated nasty business in a mainstream film!) but all I knew about it was that it had the nasty business and some live versions of songs in it. There had to be more in it than that, right? Turns out, not so much. There’s humpification, interspersed with concert footage and literally that is all there is. Oh, and some brief scenes of the male lead tramping around on a glacier, because love is COLD, people. It’s GLACIAL AND IMPENETRABLE LIKE THE ARCTIC. OOH SO DEEP MOVIE GOERS. Next you are going to tell me that love is a battlefield, like that is new news. To this I say: meh.

The Hurt Locker
Perhaps you have heard that the director of this is the ex-wife of the man who made Avatar? Have you? Have you heard it? Don’t you want to hear it, over and over again, in a never ceasing loop? Don’t you want all entertainment media outlets to talk about it incessantly? Because these two people! They made movies! And they used to be married! MARRIED, I SAY!

Lastly, Emo covers of Ratt are fun.

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