Ly’s Donuts

Oh blog, wherefore do I neglictify thou so verily?

In my world lately:

I went to a party this weekend, and it was actually fun. Sometimes, I think that parties sort of sound fun in theory, but then it ends up being me standing around with a drink in my hand wondering what to say to all the people that seem to know each other so much better than I do. But this one rocked it. My friends Sarah and Craig, who are, when set up on an objective and precisely calibrated awesomeness scale, basically blow it up because they are so awesome, had a party for their 30th wedding anniversary. Sarah and Craig are the couple that I look at more than any other that I know and think: I hope that Nordic Boy and I are loving it up like they are when we are in that stage of our lives. They are just so good together, and they are so active and fun, and laugh a lot, and respect each other and help each other and support each others’ independence, and they are always trying new things. It’s such a beautiful thing to be around. Nordic Boy and I just adore them to smithereens.

I have nothing witty or silly or funny to say about that. They are just the tops, and that’s that.

In other news, there is this donut shop in the University District here in Seattle. It’s called “Ly’s Donuts.” The other day, Nordic Boy was referring to it and accidentally called it “Here Lies Donuts.” I don’t know what it was, but that just about busted my guts, I thought it was so funny. Like, I laughed so hard there were tears. Since then, we have come up with an entire marketing campaign for Here Lies Donuts, which has a cemetary theme. The sign will be a tombstone that reads “D.I.P.”

That’s for “Dip in Peace.” Get it? Instead of Rest In Peace?

Whatever. It’s funny to me.

Most of my other news is work related, and let’s be honest, no one gives a shit about that.

So, to answer my initial question about why I neglect my blog? I think we all have an answer for that now, don’t we?


  1. Must have been a weekend for laughing so hard that you cry. I got hiccups that lasted forever and I couldn't stop laughing, hic laugh, hic laugh, to the point of stomach hurting, tears rolling laughter, bonkers! Donuts – mmmmm, yummy!

  2. We have a seafood restaurant here in Atlanta which is across the street from a well known cemetery. It's called Six Feet Under (it's been around since before the tv show). I think someone should open up a "Here Lies Doughnuts" next door.

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