Consumables #5

This week’s standouts!

The Up series
This has nothing to do with Pixar or balloon aviation. This is the Up documentary series, which is a big hoopty deal in documentary land. The first one is shot in 1964, when all of the subjects are 7 years old. They are interviewed about their lives. Then every 7 years after that, the filmmakers find the kids again and interview them about their lives all over again. So you see the same kids at 7, then 14, then 21, all the way up to middle age. I had never seen the last one, so I went ahead and rewatched them all. That’s just how I do.

Grammy Awards
Now that P!nk went and sang a ballad while flipping herself around on a sheet and dunking herself in water and spinning like a sprinkler, no one ever has an excuse to lip sync, like, ever ever again.

Ugly Betty
Cancelled! Dang.

Detroit Metal City series
A strange manga series about a mild-mannered singer-songwriter in Tokyo who also fronts a death metal band incognito and who has all sorts of moral conflicts about it. I picked it up because I thought it was going to be a comic about Detroit. Go figure.

Nouvelle Vague
French bossa nova cover versions of Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Joy Division, etc.? Hells yes, please.

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