Consumables #4

Here is what I ated with my brains and eyeballs this week.

Born into Brothels
Because when you are sniffly and teary-eyed from having a cold, you want to make your face leak even more, right?

Valentino: The Last Emperor
I have a completely irrational love for Valentino couture from the 60s. I just want to eat those effing dresses. Or hump them. Or something.

A Wink and a Smile
This was a documentary about the Seattle burlesque scene. Although I appreciate burlesque in theory, it seemed weird to me that they kept talking about how burlesque is all about women reclaiming their sexuality, and one way this happens is that all different types of bodies are welcome and celebrated, but then all of the performers that were shown were skinny minnies with perfect boobs. I don’t know. To the folks who made A Wink and a Smile? I give you back a wink and a skeptical face.

The King of Kong
The drama of geeky gamers! The high stakes competition! The heartbreak! The underdog to root for! Who knew?

Also, I was in my head a lot this week. And while there, this song was playing a bunch.


  1. I saw "A Wink and a Smile" too. I wanted it to be better than it was. My favorite woman was the 50 year old mom, though. She was awesome.In college I went a lecture by the woman who made "Born into Brothels." I had just watched the documentary and my heart soared when I heard that she was still in touch with many of the girls, and that a few of them were in school.

  2. I LOVE Born into Brothels!! It took me forever to find my copy here in ole-East TN. It's quite powerful. (Also, hello! I've wandered over to your blog from…somewhere I can't remember and I'm quite enchanted with you and your writing.)-K

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