Nordic Birthday Boy

This week is already completely getting away from me. So, I’m afraid I must list.

1. Last week was Nordic Boy’s birthday. In his honor, my mother gave up her scrupmtious carrot cake recipe, since carrot cake is Nordic Boy’s favorite cake ever. This recipe comes from a family friend’s grandmother, Mrs. C. Other than her carrot cake making skills, which are considerable, Mrs. C was also my lunch lady when I was in elementary school. This is confusing to me, as I simultaneously associate Mrs C. with delectable goodies (moistest carrot cake I have ever tasted), and those awful rectangle school pizzas with the meat kibble on top.

2. I made the carrot cake, and it was 70% as good as the original. I will work on it and I’m sure it will get better with practice. I bet I could make a mean kibble pizza though.

3. We went to see a play. Electra, perhaps you have heard of it? You know, the one where the mom kills the dad and then the two kids conspire to butcher the mom and stepdad? What, you don’t celebrate your birthdays with lots of fake gore, knives, an axe, and screaming bloody murder?

4. We went to see Avatar. James Cameron, you need to just put the pen down. Please. The writing, it was way, way worse than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. “Unobtainium”? FOR REAL? (Ha ha, look who’s talking about bad writing? I can be so ironical). Also, that shit was racist. The end.

5. We ate a lot of lovely food, at a lot of lovely restaurants, with a lot of lovely people.

6. We put up insulation film on our bedroom windows. I think this was probably the highlight of the whole weekend for him, to be perfectly honest.

7. We took every spare moment we had and spent it beating up hordes of people via the Wii Swordplay game.

It was all super delightful. There is nothing that will get someone on my good side more than treating Nordic Boy with love. He’s just so unassuming that when people treat him special, it sort of chokes me up. I love seeing that other people love him even a fraction of the amount that I do.

Is that corny? If so, I invite you to deal with it.


  1. Happpy b-day, NB!You'll be excited to know that in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, James Cameron stated that Avatar separates viewers into two categories of people: those whose "hearts are closed," and those whose hearts are not closed. Aren't you relieved to know that it's that simple??

  2. I wasn't sure I had any comment to leave, but then I clicked over here anyway and saw that my word verification is "ashol". So I decided to leave a comment to at least tell you that I don't think I am one.Also, I have no desire to see Avatar. Thank you for giving me more reasons not to do so. If it's racist, than James Cameron is an "ashol".

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