I’m gonna bust a recap on your ass

I totally skipped doing my annual new year meme thingamabob, didn’t I? I tried to do it, but it just wasn’t hitting me right this year. (And what the hell kind of phrase is that? “Hitting me right”? That just doesn’t sound good, when you really think about it).

Instead, I’ll just do a brain dump of what things strike me about the year of aught nine. Ready? Ok.

2009 was the year that:

1. …was just all kinds of seasonal. Usually, Seattle is not known for seasonalitism. Rather, we are known for two kinds of sky: either grey or blue. And it’s mostly grey that wins. But this year! Seasons! We started out with a jackload of snow and then an outburst of spring, which was followed by a glawrious summer wherein I wore skirts and bare legs to my heart’s content for weeks and weeks and weeks on end and rediscovered the joy that is popsicles. This was followed by a particularly pretty fall and now we are back to the grey days of yore.

2. …our house got prettier. Ever since we bought our house, we have been in home improvement land, which is not only a land that Nordic Boy has a passport to live in, but he is also the Prime Minister of. We bought a place that needed a lot of work. A lotta, lotta work, actually. The past two years have been years where we do home improvements that are sexy to Nordic Boy, but not to me. Insulation! New roof! Water drainage! New electrical! New pipes! All things that are totally necessary, to be sure, but not if you are me and you have a decidedly shallow side that needs placating. This year, we got to do some of the stuff that we both love, not just stuff that he loves. What does that mean? That means making things pretty. Oh how I love to make things pretty. And the centerpiece of this prettyfication? OUR NEW COUCH! Besides being pretty, I am a big fan of getting my cozy on, and this couch has revolutionized the cozy. It has the perfect ergonomics for reading (sitting or horizontal), chatting with pals, watching a movie, making out, and the napping on this couch should just be illegal, it is so delicious. Plus it is so, so pretty.

3. …we got our new dual flush toilet so that when we do a crapsie, we can have flushing OPTIONS. Because there are so many choices in life, why not with flushing?

4. …Alli spent literally an entire day looking for a plane ticket to come and visit me and Map’s husband surprised her with a plane ticket to join in. The effort Alli and Map put in for little old me made me feel loved and thankful for my awesome friends.

5. …a friend passed away in the saddest way I can think of. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it completely.

6. …I spent a fun few days at Alli and Chris’ house where they drove us around the entirety of Chicago with no questions asked and made Nordic Boy and me laugh until our guts ached. I love those two.

7. …I met blog friends for the first time and they were all more awesome than I could have hoped for. I mean, really, I was just hoping that they didn’t smell bad or want to kill me or anything like that, and then they went and showed me up by being way cooler than I could have wished for.

8. …my friend Hopscotch got knocked up and made me squeal with the excitement of it while I was at work. And I am not even a squealy type girl. But for her? Squeeeee!

9. …I went to see lots of plays and ballets and dance shows. Thank you, job, for allowing me the cashola to do that.

10. …I sang karaoke and scared my friends with my, um, enthusiasm.

11. …we inaugurated a Vulcan fly-swatter as President of the You Nighted States.

12. … I met the newly-born H and J’s baby girl who is just a cutey and a half.

13. … I shopped once again for a winter coat and rain appropriate shoes. FAIL.

14. … I saw my BFF take a shit sandwich and turn it into a cherry pie. It’s amazing to watch someone just be happier, and funnier, and more awesome by the minute. And she did that. And I got to see it.

15. …I leapt into the 21st century via owning an iPhone. And eating pancakes out of a spray can.

Overall, I think that 2009 sucked for a lot of people. For me, it was a pretty good year. I had some work pressure, and some extended-family-type pressure, and some other various pressures, but I managed to not sweat it too much. I mean, I did sweat it some, but just the appropriate amount of sweatage. I then got back to more important things like doing silly dances and making up crazy songs, hanging out with my homies who always treat me with kindness, and hugging on my loverman until his eyes bug out. Priorities, dontcha know.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope your 2009 didn’t hurt too much and that 2010 kisses you right on the mouth.


  1. I recently encountered the dual flush toilet. And then I realized that I would never be an inventor, because that shit is obvious in retrospect and I still didn't come up with it.I meant "shit" figuratively just then.

  2. In response to #7…are you saying you didn't think Maddie smelled bad? Because I remember thinking "EW" the whole time. JK. My New Years resolution is trying to be nicer to my friends. WINNER.

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