If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate

I’ve just had five whole days off of work! And here’s what I did with it.

1. Became much more well-acquainted with my jimjams than I had been heretofore. We got along famously.

2. Got a gorgeous new necklace from my sweet Nordic Boy, among other sundries. That dude has good taste.

3. Gave Nordic Boy his presents, among them a food scale, which was the surprise hit of the day. Nordic Boy could not WAIT to start weighing shit. Listen, everyone needs a hobby, right?

4. Got a sweet ass lamp from my parents. I LOVE IT. Plus, now I can actually sit on my couch at night and read, which is sort of essential.

(Please do not hold my crappy iPhone photography against my new lamp. Trust me, it is pretty in person).

5. Went to see a nutty, over-the-top light display at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. That place was GAUDY. In the best way.

6. Finally sent out my holiday cards. Yesterday. The upside of being a heathen with no investment in the holidays is that I can send out my cards any damn time I please.

7. Spent a day with my brother, sister-in-law, and super awesome nephew, who is scientifically proven to be the funniest, smartest, cutest, most adorable kid ever made. Four out of five dentists agree.

8. Also got some quality dog time with my nephew’s lab, Mokee, who is also scientifically proven to be the best dog ever constructed. By the time I was done playing with him my sinuses were so clogged I wanted to pop my eyeballs out, but it was so totally worth it.

9. Learned from my nephew all about legos, and Star Wars, and Bionicles. These three things are, according to my nephew, the only things that ever need to be discussed, ever, at any time.

10. Saw “Sherlock Holmes.” I think Robert Downey Jr. needs to make a movie wherein he just reads the phone book for three hours. I am convinced I would find this riveting, just because of his Robert Downey Jr.-ness.

11. Saw “The Road,” on Christmas Eve. There were three other people in the theater. What, people don’t want to see post-apocalyptic people-eating bands of nomads on the eve of the birth of the lord?

12. Watched “The Great Escape” on dvd. I forgot that that movie is like eight hours long. Nordic Boy and I started to yell “ESCAPE, ALREADY!” about half way through.

13. Played Wii until it kind of got ridiculous. Our current favorite activities? Samurai sword fighting and the bowling game where you have to knock down 100 pins each frame. Both are really dumb games. I don’t know if you can even call them games. And yet, we can’t stop, to the piont where my arms are completely sore.

14. Got turned away from seeing “Avatar.” Twice! Stupid sold-out movie.

15. Had dinner with our friend Delium, who never fails to make me laugh in a milk-out-of-the-nose sort of way.

16. Wrapped the whole thing up by waking up at 6am this morning to see Nordic Boy off to Portland, where he is working for the next two nights. I managed to restrain myself from grabbing him around the leg and trying to prevent his departure and making a spectacle of myself in front of the neighbors. But just barely.

Hope you all had a restful, fun week full of just as much love as I did. Also, that you talked to someone about legos at some point. If you haven’t, you really must get on that.


  1. 1. I talk about Legos ALL THE TIME with my grandson.2. Go back and see "Avatar". It is the first movie EVER that we have paid to see twice. May very well be the best movie I have ever seen.

  2. That sounds like a perfect five days. I was going to say that it doesn't get better than reading in jammies on the couch, but then it did. I congratulate you on your very good run.

  3. We are having about the same vacation here. Some of us got to see Avatar while others stayed home and got stuff done. Not bitter or anything. Got the legos covered ~ my 12 y/o son still very into the cooler lego stuff.Love the lamp.

  4. Rest? What's that? Your holiday sounds lovely and wonderful. Me? Why I've worked two jobs, gone to a funeral, survived a whole bunch of family drama, and am suffering through my second cold in the past month. Also, I've been trying not to lose my mind knowing my boyfriend is in the hospital in another country right now and I can't be with him (he'll be fine, but I still wish I was with him).In other words, I'm sort of good and ready for it to be 2010 already. And I'm sure you're ready for me to get off of your blog and stop being so whiney and negative. Ugh. :-)My word verification is "perch". That's kind of what I'm doing: perching on the edge of the cliff. Hee!

  5. Sounds like a great five days!Our tree topper for the past few years has been my son's favorite Bionicle. This year, he posed him so he's sitting on a branch with his legs crossed and it looks like he's just chillin'. In our tree.

  6. Happy New Year, Pretty Lady! Can Robert Downy Jr. be bare-knuckle boxing as he reads the phone book? Or would that be over the top? Pass on my New Year greetings to Nordic Boy!

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