Tossing Those (Christmas) Cookies

Jeezy Creezy, you guys, where the hell have I been?

I’ve been in Crazytown, that’s where.

Work is an absolute nuthouse right now, and so was home too- Nordic Boy went and got an effed up sickness that scared the holy hell out of me (he’s fine now), and so what I have concluded is that for the holiday spirit I was not having, December decided to give me a nice firm kick in the crotch just to seal the deal between us. Message received, December. This does not make me like you more.

So yeah. I don’t have a lot of mirth and cheer to tell you about, because I have been too busy working like a dog and then cleaning up lots of the puke of my beloved. We never did the whole “in sickness and in health” vow, not that we wouldn’t, but we have just always walked the walk with each other without having the need to talk that talk. Anyhow, that whole in sickness and in health thing? That shit is the real deal when it comes to love. When you don’t find another human being’s puke any more disgusting than you would find your own, that is saying something. And I am queasy about other people’s germs and bodily fluids and stuff. But Nordic Boy’s? Doesn’t even phase me at all. So although “in sickness and in health” sounds pretty sanitized, in terms of verbage, it really means something. They really should change that line though, to make it more real. Something like “if you puke on me I won’t be mad.” Something along those lines.

Ha ha ha. I cracked myself up. “If you puke on me I won’t be mad.” I am totally saying that if I ever want to do vows. And if I don’t, I think I should send that one in to Hallmark to be made into a valentine.

Sorry, everyone. You probably didn’t want to hear this much about puking, did you?

Subject change!

I have no idea why this clip makes me so happy, but it does. I think this sort of epitomizes how I feel about Christmas, in that I don’t know how to do it, but I’m trying to follow along and do my best.

Hope your holiday is puke-free, all!

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