Do you know that there is a show on Lifetime called “SNAPPED!”? And although I have never seen it, from the commercials I gather that it is an entire show where they reenact the moment in some poor woman’s life when she, well, snaps. I assume, because this is a Lifetime show, that the snapping involves her going crazy in some way after being pushed too far.

I scoff at the concept of Snapped! but you know what? Everyone has their line. And for me, it was this weekend.

Me: I am excited to go to the play tomorrow night!
BioGirl: Me too. It’ll be the official start to the holiday season!
Me: Um, what? You have been talking about nothing other than Christmas since Thanksgiving! How can this be the start? I will tell you how. It CAN’T.
BioGirl: (giggling) Well, it sort of is.
Me: No, it’s not. You put up your tree. And your decorations. We went shopping for holiday sweaters. You have done Christmas shopping. You are doing Christmas crafts. You have designed your Christmas cards and started making them. You have been playing Christmas music. You have put up Christmas decorations in your office. Those are all seasonal things. You can only have one kick off for Christmas. Maybe two. But I think you have had about ten now. And that’s not fair. That’s too many kick-offs. You can only have a limited amount of kick-offs!
BioGirl: Until next year?
Me: Until next year.

I want you to note that during this entire conversation, she was laughing. And I was laughing. Only hers was in a normal person way and mine was in an I have lost it in a Lifetime SNAPPED sort of way. And all because, apparently, I have a pre-set number of Christmas Kick-offs that I am allowing people. Because that’s not weird.

In other BioGirl news, guess what, ya’ll? She has a blog! She’s had it for a while, but only recently has she wanted to keep up with it more often. You should totes go read it. In fact, do me a solid and go over there right now and leave her a comment and say howdy. Let’s freak her freak with a blogland welcome wagon hello. A blog-commenting kick-off, if you will.

Berried Alive, by the incomparable BioGirl

While you are at it, go over and check out Neighbor J’s etsy shop. If you are stumped for holiday presents, it’s the place to shop. If you go there, I will let you count it as an extra holiday kick-off. But just this once.


  1. I have watched bits and pieces of Snapped (mainly because Lifetime is in between Food Network and Style here)and it is a quality show. There was even a marathon this weekend!

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