TraditiSHON! Tradishon!

I love weekends so much, it’s sickening. Me and weekends are like those couples that make out in public, with full tongue and gropage. I know this. But, like those couples, I don’t stop. I must grope my weekends no matter who is there! I can’t help it! GET A ROOM, ME AND WEEKENDS!

I know that metaphor really doesn’t make sense. I am too swept away by my weekend to care, however.

I was still feeling under the weather on Friday night, just a smidge, so I opted out of going to a dance party at my friend A’s house. This was painful to me as there is nothing I love more than cutting a rug with wild abandon, but I did the responsible thing and stayed at home so as not to cough my germy cough all over the dance floor. Nordic Boy, after working another 14-hour day (that dude works so much more than I do and complains so much less, which is something I am working on, the complaining less, not the working more) came home and we watched a bunch of bad tv and fell asleep by ten. This makes me sound old and moldy, but I LOVED IT.

On Saturday my friend Sarah came over and she brought me homemade chocolate brittle, which, come on, you gotta love a girl like that. We drank tea and talked the day away until the sun went down (which ok fine is only until 4pm these days) and can I just tell you if you don’t know Sarah, you totally should? She is just the cat’s knees or the bee’s pajamas or whatever the saying is.

That night BioGirl, Nordic Boy, and I put on our fancy knickers and went out to eat at Cafe Lago, which has the lightest lasagna you have ever had in your life. It’s like lasagna-flavored air, which maybe doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it is.

Then we went to see a live production of White Christmas. The show was good, although the cast members were clearly singers and actors (excellent ones) but not dancers. The dancing was fine for what it was, don’t get me wrong. I just have a case of hyper-picky-itis when it comes to dance sometimes. What warms my heart is that after all these years with me, Nordic Boy is as perceptive a dance watcher as I could ever hope for. After the show was over, he noted “did you notice that the lead dude only turned to the right, never to the left?” And I said “OMG YES I DID NOTICE,” while thinking in my head goddamit I love this man.

The other thing about the show was that although it wasn’t as bad as the last time I went to this particular theater, there were still a few people that did not clap at the end of the show but just up and left during the curtain call as if they were at a movie during the credits and not watching real live performers who can see your indifference to their dedication. I don’t usually have much of a temper about things, but this makes me so mad I want to Chuck Norris someone. FIFTH AVENUE THEATER PATRONS YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CLAP OR AT THE VERY LEAST SIT DOWN UNTIL THEY HAVE DONE THEIR CURTAIN CALL NO ARGUMENTS THE END. Don’t make me come over there, effers.

Sunday was a day for the history books. I love days like I had on Sunday. I slept well, and woke up when my body said so instead of my mothersucking alarm clock, and then Nordic Boy and I just hung out for the whole day. The day seemed like it went on for eleventy jilliion hours and I never wanted it to end. We watched movies, we baked peanut butter brownies (and we ate apple pie while making the peanut butter brownies which is a style of multi-taking that I can really get behind), we talked a blue streak, we laughed at stuff that probably wasn’t even that funny, we ventured out to the grocery store and hardware store, we played a heated game on the Wii with trash talk that would scandalize your momma, and we just soaked it all up.

This made me realize that for all my non-traditional holidayness, and the fact that we don’t put up a tree or lights, and that some years we exchange a little gift but others we don’t, that we actually have managed to come up with a holiday tradition that is all our own and that we do without fail each and every year, right around Christmas/Hannukah/etc time. We set aside entire days where we do nothing but look at each others’ ugly mugs for the whole entire day. We don’t talk to anyone else on the phone, we don’t go to anyone’s house, we don’t check any email. We just act all together-ish, just like this Sunday. We have already planned at least one more day like this before the end of the year.

Look at that. I do have a holiday tradition that is meaningful to me after all and I never even realized it. Who knew?


  1. Ack! I tried to fix typos in my comment, and then my comment went away. Here's what I said: Oh, now I love you AND weekends! You are the cutest couple. I also saw White Christmas, but not the PROFESSIONAL version you saw. But here's the thing: I often don't enjoy the traveling professional versions of shows, and particularly I don't because the people on stage don't dance. The people who truly are Triple Threats don't go on the road, it seems, or at least not the road to my town. They can sing (and in musicals, I'm not so sure it matters if you can act), but they don't dance. Not really. I loved the high school production of this play, by the way. Perhaps I loved it extra special to think of all the kids who learned to tap just for the one weekend of performances.

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