"And so I’m offering this simple phrase…"

Nordic Boy: Brrr. It sure is nippley out there today.
Me: Nippy.
Nordic Boy: What?
Me: It’s nippy out there, not nippley.
Nordic Boy: Same thing.
Me: No, it’s not. Nippy does not refer to nipples. It refers to nipping. Which is like biting.
Nordic Boy: I thought it was nipping. Like, you know, nipping.
Me: No, it’s nipping, like a dog nips at your ankles. Or Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
Nordic Boy: Oh. So Jack Frost is not nippling at your nose?
Me: What, like nipple on nose action?
Nordic Boy: It would be such a better song if that were the case.
Me: (groucho impersonation) And don’t even get me started on the chestnuts. Is it hot in here or are my chestnuts roasting?
Nordic Boy: Ew.
Me: Listen, you started this whole thing. Don’t complain now.


  1. My feller & I almost exclusively use the work nippley when referring to how cold it is. Cuz you know, it makes you kinda nippley when it's cold. On a vaguely related note, you know those bumpy ridged sidewalks they have on the really steep hills? Yeah, we call those Nipsey's Russells. k8

  2. I heard the most fabulous phrase the other day to describe the cold: nippy-noo-noo, which I now have to use everytime it's cold out. I'd be willing to try nippley-noo-noo instead though now…

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