Thanks, Thanksgiving

As I have noted, I am not a holiday person overall. But a days-off person? I am most definitely a days-off person. Give me a day off and I will celebrate just about anything. Let’s make next Monday National Pablo Cruise Day and stay home in honor of it. Who’s with me?

You don’t know who Pablo Cruise is, do you? Sigh. Youth today. Luckily, you have me here to educate you on these most important matters of state.

On the first day of day-off-ness, Nordic Boy and I did a very strenuous day of sitting on our keisters. It went for hours and hours and it was only interrupted by Nordic Boy making us a bruncheon of grilled cheese and tator tots. Have I ever told you about Nordic Boy’s god-given talent for making grilled cheese sandwiches? They are the absolute best thing ever. If he didn’t have all of his other fine qualities, I think I might still be with him just based on the cheese grilling prowess. It’s that good.

Anyhoo, in the evening we got ourselves together and went over to Delium’s house for a proper Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends. We contributed a mushroom stuffing type deal to the mix, which we were worried might not turn out ok since it was the first time we tried making it and it was from Martha Stewart and had some crazy mushroom varieties that are not carried at our local co-op from which we shop so we just mixed up some regular old mushrooms and Martha does not take kindly to doing things in a regular old way sometimes. We decided going in that if it sucked, we were going to blame Martha, whereas if it was awesome, we were going to take full credit. Unfair to Martha? Perhaps. But that’s ok since she has her humptillion dollars to console herself with.

For the rest of the weekend, I did the following:
1. I went into work for a half day or so which was TORTURE because Nordic Boy was off and I am so not used to leaving the house when he is still there, all pajamafied and cozy. Dang him.

2. Had a whole Thanksgiving dinner gorge-fest all over again with BioGirl and her mom, who is visiting from San Diego and who was all excited that she actually got some use out of her winter coat. Weird Californians.

3. Watched a bunch of movies including Tyson (so not worth the hype), and Volume 1 of the 1960s version of Zatoichi films (nice) and The Great Escape (even better) and Gladiator (eh, it was on tv and we got sucked in) and about 20 minutes of Batman Returns on tv (ouch, Tim Burton, what the heck were you doing?), and The Wrestler (yo, Mickey Rourke is BUSTED UP, you guys), among others.

4. Replaced a bunch of pipes in our laundry room and under our kitchen sink. Now, instead of old decrepit pipes, we have new shiny ones. Hey, it’s exciting to us.

5. Read, in its entirety, Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert, for which I was truly thankful. I’m not kidding.


  1. Dude, I have been lobbying for a National Pablo Cruise day for like ever, so I'm totally with you.Sounds like a good weekend, LG. As always, envious of the amount of days-offness that US Thanksgiving involves. I might have to lobby for that up here too!

  2. Not only do I know who Pablo Cruise is, I have a vinyl or two and recently had the hubster download the best of for me on I tunes. I think I actually saw them in concert once but it was the 70's and the memory is a bit fuzzy from then!

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