My Professional Opinion

Are you shocked at how little I talk about books? I am the Pop Culture Librarian, after all. LIBRARIAN. It’s right in the title!

Come to think of it, are you shocked that I don’t talk about Pop Culture either?

It’s like this whole blog is a LIE. A LIE, I tell you!

I don’t know why I am trying to whip you all into a mob-style fury directed at me. I just felt enraged, on your behalf, as readers. And also? I realize that using the terms “shocked” and “enraged” is so completely out of proportion to the importance of anything related to this blog, but you know me. I like to ham it up.

Anyway, a couple of people asked me about my mention of A Prairie Tale, by Melissa Gilbert. In response, I give you my goodreads review of it. That’s right, I am recycling content from goodreads to blogland. Once again, I am setting the bar as low as low can go.

If you’re going to write a celebrity tell-all, this is how it’s done, people. The ingredients: a starlet who is born into a show business family and can tell anecdotes about meeting the likes of Groucho Marx and Ann-Margret before turning 10. Also, anecdotes about an affair with Danny Sugerman and Billy Idol doesn’t hurt. Throw in a long-term tumultuous relationship with Rob Lowe? Yes, please. Sprinkle with vignettes where one of the guys from the John Hughes Brat Pack makes out with Liza Minnelli (I won’t spoil it by telling you who) and a tryst between John Cusack and another 80s star is revealed, and then top it off by a description of a post-9/11 visit from Karl Rove to talk about how the entertainment industry can fight terrorism, and you have WON ME OVER. Nice one, Half Pint.


  1. Sweeeeet! I too, loved this book – for more reasons than I care to count. I want to know when Lifetime is going to do a movie remake of the book? I kind of want to rent / watch all of the movies she mentioned in the book..there are so many! It could be fun….and they have gotta be Better than the Doris Day Show?!

  2. I just went and read her bio on Wiki, and the last line is "She is also the proud owner of a French Bulldog." That made me laugh.

  3. Uhhhh…. how is it that you've read this book and it has info about John- number-one-on-my-list-Cusack and you haven't shared said info with me!?

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