Color Them Badd

We were looking at some buildings the other day, as we are wont to do, and the conversation went like this.

Nordic Boy: What is with the color of that paneling there?
Me: Where?
Him: Over there. It’s like…mauve. No, not mauve.
Me: That one? That’s puce.
Him: Sort of. It’s not exactly puce.
Me: You’re right. What is it?
Him: It’s pucey.
Me: Maybe the actor Gary Pucey lives there.
Him: Yeah, he’s even crazier than the original. Gary Pucey!

From this conversation, we came up with other Crayola inspired famous people. Such as!

The indie film director Jim Chartreuse
The why-is-she-famous-again starlet Burnt Sienna Miller
The son of an English rocker Cerulean Lennon
The lead singer of Red Zepplin, Robert Eggplant
Comedic Aussie actress Fuschia DiRossi
Sitcom star Matthew Periwinkle
80s star Sepia Zadora

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