Two weeks ago now…

Bloggie can you hear me?

I just sang that in my head as if I was Barbra in Yentl. Because that’s just how I do.

Well there you have it- I just talked about my birthday and then fell off the blog wagon for over a week like I was giving you the silent treatment or something. Rest assured that the only reason that I was being a blog asshole was that work kicked me in the nuts last week and it was all I could do to drag myself home each night, take an Advil, and go to bed.

But just in case you care about the birthday, it ended up being pretty lovely. Aside from the fact that I spent a lot of the day on my birthday crying an effing river. It wasn’t that I had a terrible birthday or anything, but for some reason I became The Most Emotional Birthday Girl Ever for the day. People kept saying/doing lovely things for me on my birthday and I kept bursting into tears over each and every one of them. As my tear ducts are usually akin to the Mojave on even a pretty bad day, this was throwing me all off. By the time BioGirl came over to my house ready to fire up the Kiss Me Kate dvd that she had brought over (sah-weeet!), I had to tell her not to even look at me funny or else I might just have a Hallmark moment with her and reprise the eyeball squirts.

Since then, I have managed to keep my face from leaking and have returned to my decidedly un-sobby personality. Ahhhh.

Here are among the things that have not made me cry since then.

1. The aforementioned Kiss Me Kate. How I adore that movie. Even if you hate old musicals, and cheese, and Technicolor (which, oh my god, are you made of steel?), you should rent it and turn the sound off if you must and just bask in the crazy costumes. Your retinas might burn out from the brightness, but it’d be worth it.

2. A lovely birthday dinner out with my newly preggers pal, Hopscotch. During which she graciously listened to a strange monologue I did wherein I gave her the play-by-play description of every pair of bedroom slippers I have ever owned. I don’t even know how it happened, but I started to run my mouth and Feetwarmers of My Life was the topic I chose. Also, we got to share an odd moment at the fancy restaurant we were in where the server told us that the reason our dinners were taking so long was because they were having trouble heating up the cheese at the correct rate. Which made half of my brain think: fan-seeeee, and the other half of my brain think: boolsheeeeet.

3. I had the day off of work that Friday, and not only did Nordic Boy skip the Portland business trip that week (woohoo, birthday week!), he took the day off on Friday too. So we saw each other every single day for a whole week (what luxury) plus we had a whole day of uninterrupted usness. Best birthday present ever.

4. I also got material birthday presents, which were also awesome. I am all for material birthday presents. Just to be clear.

5. My friend M. wanted to get rid of some plants in her yard (which is a very beauteous yard) so she donated them to our yard (which is not beauteous but rather more like a boil on the ass of our neighborhood). We transported them over and now are hoping that they make the transition ok. We speak to them every time we enter or leave our yard as if we are in a Lifetime Original Movie and they are Janine Turner in a coma. “You can do it! You have to believe you can live! Do you hear me? Don’t you quit on me now!”

So that’s what happened on my birthday week. Which was over a week ago now. Perhaps I will get my blog-ass in gear and catch you up on this past week this week and then we can be in real time again. Shall we make that a goal? Ok, let’s make that a goal.

(By the way, just so you know, I suck at goals).


  1. It is simply impossible to not like Kiss me Kate. I mean, come on! If your goil is a Washington Heights dreamTreat the kid to "A Midsummer Night Dream."If she fights when her clothes you are mussing,What are clothes? "Much Ado About Nussing."If she says your behavior is heinousKick her right in the "Coriolanus."Brilliant! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. ok. it's official. i am in an anonymous committed relationship with your blog. i've been reading it (quietly to myself) for a while and feel the need to tell you how much i love it. partially because i am a librarian and enjoy all thing librarianesque. partially because i find you hilarious. now i can't read it in meetings because people start to catch on that i'm not paying attention when i am (attempting to) stifle laughter. thank you for that.

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