Weird Auntie Status? Check.

You know what I want for my birthday? To not get a cold or the flu (porcine or otherwise). Libraryland is RIFE with illness all of a sudden and I do not want a piece of that action, no way. October is not the ideal time to have a birthday I have discovered, because oftentimes this is when the weather changes and sickness happens and then I spend my birthday with a box of tissue and a snotty face. Or I am fine but Nordic Boy is the one with mucus issues.

In past years I have had grand plans for birthdayness- parties, hot dates, fancy dinners, sweet treats. Not this year. I just want to be snot-free. See how Birthday Madness Lady has calmed down over the years?

In other news, yesterday I started to write a blog post and it was all doldrums and blah and pbbbt. I don’t know what had my panties in a twist (other than Nordic Boy is gone on another trip this week which seriously harshes my mellow when it’s for three or more days in a row and I know this is not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things and I am being a giant baby but that’s just the way I be’s sometimes) but I just could not come up with something to make myself smile which is the whole point of this blog.

And then! You know what happened? I found out that one of my top ten most favoritest friends in the whole world is hella preggers! And it just took my panties right out of that twist (wow, that sounded kind of inappropriate, but you know what I mean). Seriously, I think I almost went to the squealy jumpy place, which I like to think I am incapable of doing. But it’s just too, too happy.

So yeah. Doldrums are gone. That’s usually what happens when I start to go to the stupid place. Not the getting pregnant part- I don’t want you to think that my bad moods cause hyper-fertility or anything. I just mean that when I start to have a whine and cheese party, something usually makes me snap the hell out of it and remember how awesome things can be.

Does that sound Pollyanna-ish? I DON’T CARE. I’m gonna be an auntie. A weird auntie? Yes. Tell me something I don’t know.


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