Maybe I’ll Meet Bill Murray in the Hotel Bar

Furlough Day 3 started in much the same manner as the rest of the days, full of regular day-off activities. I took Nordic Boy to work.

I ate breakfast with Ellen.

I went and got my hairs cutted.

I forgot to eat breakfast so I ate entirely too much for lunch with BioGirl.

Then, I went home and packed a little bag and Nordic Boy picked me up for a business trip to Portland.

Only I really have no business in Portland other than to eat the most delicious zuccini/mint/peanu/pecorino salad ever made.

Now, I am sitting in the hotel room and toying with the idea of just soaking up the swank all day eating bon bons or whatever it is people do when they lie about in swanky hotel rooms. But the sunny skies outside are beckoning.

Any thoughts from Portland experts on where to go and what to do? I am overly well-acquainted with the shopping possibilities already (Imelda’s shoes, I have my eye on you) so I have that aspect covered. Other ideas? I’m open! Where do they serve the best bon bons?


  1. Pix Patisserie! If you've never been and like beautiful delicate delicious fin-de-siecle style cakes (and Stumptown coffee and beer) oh I miss it so. PIX SE 3402 SE Divison, Portland, OR 97202 – 503-232-4407Manager: Leb@pixpatisserie.comSun – Thurs: 10am – midnightFri – Sat: 10am – 2amI also recommend the restaurant next door, the Hedge House, for quick yummy food and the most delicious brewed beer. Jealous!

  2. A stroll through Washington Park and the rose garden might be nice if it's as sunny there as it currently is in Seattle (what's with the weather today?). Then a movie and a beer at the Kennedy School or the Baghdad. And I second Pix!

  3. All I know is that my favorite day off in Portland activities include Crepes at la happy in the pearl district then shopping for shoes at the ether store on 23rd, and dinner at montage under the Morrison bridge. I second Imelda shoes and for sure a coffee at stumptown …there is even coffee tasting at 3356 SE Belmont Street or tea tasting at3430 Southeast Belmont Street

  4. Um, lunch at my house with me and my girls? I'm an excellent cook. :)Or…I third Pix PatisseriePok Pok (nearby on Division) for Thai street foodPotato Champion on the corner of SE 12th and Hawthorne – fries and rosemary truffle ketchup!Savoy in the Clinton neighborhood for excellent, excellent Midwest food (even a Friday fish fry!)SE is my hood so I could go on and on and on and on…

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