Do They Take Teams on Project Runway?

Lately, I have been thinking about the concept of uniforms. They came up in conversation a week ago, and since then I have been thinking about them. As a concept. What do they say? Why are they relevant? Who wears them? Who doesn’t?

I think about clothes a lot, y’all. In all forms.

All of this thinking about uniforms made me a little sarcastic about the whole thing. Who would go with me in my sarcasm? Oh, hmmm, let me think.

Me: You know what I think? I think we should have a uniform.
Him: Who we?
Me: Us, we. You and me.
Him: For what?
Me: For like, us. Our Family Uniform. We need to make a statement. About who we are as a family.
Him: Ok.
Me: It would denote that we are together, right?
Him: Because dressing alike is always a good look for a couple.
Me: Always.
Him: Good. Agreed. I’m in.
Me: What should it look like?
Him: Well, we are all about laid back chic.
Me: Wow.
Him: Plus, we are a hetero couple, who has been together for a long time. So I think we do a play on the jogging suit. Because nothing says hetero old couple like matching jogging suits, right?
Me: I like it.
Him: Velour for winter and satin for summer.
Me: Obviously.
Him: Stripes down the sides of the arms and legs.
Me: Ok.
Him: Only, the stripes are bedazzled.
Me: Rhinestones?
Him: Pssh. DIAMONDS.
Me: Classy!
Him: Sewn onto the stripes, which are in turn sewn on by metallic gold thread.
Me: Love! It!
Him: We need to have our names embroidered on the chest, also in metallic gold thread.
Me: Not just our names, but pet names.
Him: I’ll be Icy, and you be Hottie.
Me: You are a genius.
Him: And then, embroidered across the back of the jacket, it says “Friends and Lovers.”
Me: In curly lettering, of course.
Him: Of course.
Me: Shoes?
Him: I’m thinking moon boots.
Me: Wow.
Him: What’s more romantic than the moon? Nothing!
Me: So why not have boots that remind one of the moon?
Him: Exactly.
Me: Accessories?
Him: Sunglasses in the shape of stars.
Me: Still going with the romantic sky theme.
Him: And a Crocodile Dundee style hat, with a string under the chin.
Me: Because?
Him: We are wild and untamed.
Me: Nice. This all came rolling out of you so easily.
Him: I was inspired.
Me: We didn’t talk color palette.
Him: What do you think?
Me: How about a lavender suit with the stripes in orange?
Him: Whoa. No way.
Me: Why not?
Him: I mean, I don’t want it to look WEIRD or anything.
Me: Right. Sorry.


  1. You have to love a guy who doesn't just play along but gets INVOLVED. Awesome.Would you have to iron satin outfits? I say go with the old classic windbreaker material.

  2. as someone who has suddenly found herself wearing a uniform every day, i have to say it's a great concept. what i want to know is, what would your family themesong be? have you answered this in some earlier post?

  3. I love, love this convo!!!! I hope you guys rethink the satin jogging suit for summer though. I just keep picturing you guys going out for a jog and then collapsing from the suffocating non breathing fabric that is satin. A nice micro wickaway knit seams to be more your style a) it breaths b)is super chic c) very laid back d) looks fierce with all sorts of bling. My man and I will differently be sporting a fuzzy material with vinyl insets.

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