Everything’s Coming Up Dahlias

Photo at Seattle’s Dahlia Gardens, where I went this weekend with BioGirl. This place has been known, in the past, to bring me good luck.

As you know, lately things have kind of sucked moose dingus around here. Besides the things already mentioned on the bloggie so far, there has been scary hospitalization in the fam (my brother, but he’s on the mend now we think), a someone who I thought was nice turning out to be a maggot-pie, a person I know being held up at gunpoint (for serious!), among many other happenings that I can’t let you in on because it would make me the Asshole Who Blabs About Her Friends Private Biznazz On The Blog.

I have to say that I haven’t felt particularly depressed or anything, despite all that’s been going on. Rather, my mood has been one that can only be described as “huh? whut?” It is as if I have been dipped in a vat of stupid and it has hardened into a shiny crust all around me. I have had neither the patience nor inclination to read a thing for the past couple of weeks (sorry Goodreads, you are sort of dead to me right now) which for a librarian is a sure sign that something has gone haywire. No books, no newspaper, no interwebs, nothing. I have kept up with some of ya’lls blogs, but only if the entries were short enough for the “huh? whut?” attention span. The only news I have consumed about the outside world has been from Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert, which, let’s face it, is probably ok.

However! This is a new week, and I am only accepting tidings of the good sort from here on out. Bad tidings, be gone with you! If I get any stupider, I might start going to town hall meetings and shouting ooga booga nonsense at my elected officials. And we have enough of that sort of thing going on these days, do we not?

The weekend did some major repair to the hole in my brainmeats, and I do believe things just might be looking up around here. When I went into work this morning, the length and girth of my to-do list for the week was enough to make me feel just a little bit nauseated. It started to make me doubt. Were the stupid tidings really over? YES THEY WAS.

Did I tell you that my library system is going on furlough for a week in September? That means no pay for a week, in case you don’t know what a furlough is. Some people seem to think it is a free vacation. Anyhoo, I had taken a week’s vacation after the furlough and had planned to take this chunk of time to go visit my folks, but before I could tell them that that was my plan, they went ahead and made other plans without me. THE NERVE. It’s like my parents have their own lives or something. Sheesh. Since Nordic Boy can’t take that length of time off, I though I was going to be kicking it by myself at home, which isn’t the worst thing in the world by any means. But after the hallowed and glorious Midwest Trip of ’09 that I took in July, and now with the August Depressing Events That Made Me Stupid, I did feel like I wanted to spend time with someone really near and dear to me. Family, either of the blood relations kind or the friends-who-are-family kind. I thought it was not to be.


I gave a little Facebook whine about this to my friend Alli. And before you know it, she is spending an entire day of her life looking for a deal on a plane ticket to come see me. And when I say a day, I mean a whole day. She and I texted back and forth from morning until evening looking for a cheap ticket for her to come help me sit on my ass in Seattle. And after hours and hours and hours of looking, she found a ticket that was not really very cheap. But she bought it ANYWAY. I love that girl.

And also the news of her ticket-purchase may have made me squeal like a little piglet in a way that scared Nordic Boy. Maybe.

Then, I emailed our other friend, Map. Do you think you could make it too? I asked, half-heartedly because I had already seen via Allison that the tickets were not cheap and the notice was short. She said she would try, but we both kind of knew it was a long shot at best. She looked for tickets and was smacked in the kisser by the prices. And she was sad about it, and I was sad about it.


Her husband noted the sad face on our dear Map for a few days. And last night, when they were out to dinner, he up and handed her an already-bought, super-surprise, mighty delicious plane ticket to Seattle! This act, it might not surprise you to hear, made her fall ever more in love with her husband. What might be more surprising is that I think I might have a thing for him too, acting all awesome like that. YAY MR. MAP! YAY YAY YAY.

This news may have made me get up, close the door to my office, and do a happy dance all around my desk.

I get to see my girls! In two weeks!!!



  1. Isn't it just great when things work out like that? I have to do furloughs too, but mine is one day a month, so it's far less of a hit to the paycheck.

  2. I read about that furlough thing on the news and my first thought was "yikes". But! Fabby news about your girls! Have fun times 🙂

  3. Friends are awesome.. especially the "cash be darned I'm flying across the country" kind of friends. Enjoy! (Your post made me smile and think of my awesome friends!!)

  4. Maybe we can go to Dahlia Garden too.. since we have THREE WHOLE DAYS! Still smiling BIG. Do you know Mr. Map considered not telling me until the day before and just coordinating with you guys?

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